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    Oriental 3D Dragon Face Roof Tile

    Can anyone help ID this item? I purchased this piece at an Estate Sale. The owner was in the Vietnam War and brought home a lot of very unusual items. One of the items I purchased is a very old ceramic opiate pipe.
    However, I digress, this tile is of a dragon, it is 3D, does a litlle missing porcelain around the sides. Otherwise in great condition. I love it. I would like any information that anyone can provide. I was wondering if it is a roof tile? I would love to know the age, value, etc.....

    Thank you most kindly in advance for any help!
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    It looks like a decorative hanging tile to me. Roof tiles won't generally be that flat on the back and will have holes to attach it to the roof with copper wire. Your tile looks like it is made to be mounted on a piece of wood or flat against the wall. It is also very decorative, more so than the usual tiles I have seen. As far as country of manufacture my guess is China. Value, I would say between 30-50 dollars if it isn't signed.

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