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Thread: What is This?

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    What is This?

    This is about 2 inches tall and has a little hand crank that makes a VERY LOUD noise, any ideas appreciated!DSC_0048.jpg

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    I have an expert on it. Stay tuned!

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    It depends a great deal on the type of sound it makes, these were made as sirens and horns for use in emergencies and for early automobiles. They were generically referred to as "Klaxons". The original Klaxon was developed in the early twentieth century, and the design was purchased by the New Jersey based Lovell-McConnell manufacturing company in 1908. The “Klaxon” name is derived from the Greek klazo, to shriek. These Klaxons first were used on cars and bicycles later the same year. The Klaxon was also used as a general alarm for use as an evacuation, general alert alarm, and for military and naval alarms.

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