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    Antiques auction catalog from Art Domu and Kogirekai

    Art Domu has catalogs online for their upcoming auction of Chinese antiques. Amazing antiques at amazing prices. If you are in Japan they will send you a full color set if you go to their site, 東‹Ž“‚ƒ‚‚ƒƒ€€‚ƒƒˆ童夢 Japanese link. The link works even though it doesn't display right here. I don't know if they will send copies overseas for free.
    The catalog is viewable online at
    #1, pdf format, ART DOMU 2011-??
    #2, pdf format, ART DOMU 2011-??
    The page navigator at the bottom of the pdf is easier to use than the side bar.

    Kogirekai also has their new catalog online and they will also send copies to those in Japan for free.
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    I LOVE looking at auction catalogs! Thanks for the heads up.

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