Like many teens of the 'fifties, I had an autograph book, mostly for my friends but also I managed to collect several 'celebrity' autographs which I scotch-taped into it. Several of the celebrities were in Houston to perform at the Shamrock Hotel and my mom drove them out to do performances at the VA hospital. I tagged along and got autographs from Jack Benny, Frank SInatra, Dinah Shore, Tony Martin, Groucho and Chico - usually signed to me.

My question is, should I bother to get them "authenticated" and should I try to sell the book as a whole or separate them out? And who is a reasonable authenticator if I need one? I could certainly supply a notarized statement of provenance..

{I have one other autograph, which I treasure above all - from Tennessee Williams. It is signed
"To ? with love, Tennessee Williams" )