This past weekend, I happened to be reading a bit of the Currey bibliography of Science Fiction first edition books and got to thinking about where certain bits of true science might have found their origin (in literature at least). My quest obviously led me to Jules Verne and his prediction of a moon walk in 'From the Earth to the Moon' in 1865. We had to wait 104 years, but Neil, Buzz and Michael pulled it off with Apollo 11 in 1969. What else is there??? A few to tickle your fancy are below. Would love to hear more as I know there are a ton. This is the stuff of great discussions here in the shop.


First Modern Card - Diner's Club was introduced in 1950 / FIRST PREDICTED IN 'LOOKING BACKWARD' BY EDWARD BELLAMY IN 1888

First automatic sliding door - Invented by Dee Horton and Lew Hewitt in 1954 / FIRST PREDICTED IN 'WHEN THE SLEEPER WAKES' BY H.G. WELLS IN 1899

First test-tube baby - First accomplished when Louise Joy Brown was born in England in 1978 / FIRST PREDICTED IN 'BRAVE NEW WORLD' BY ALDOUS HUXLEY IN 1932


First handheld eBook reader - Amazon Kindle with built-in wireless connection available in 1997 / FIRST PREDICTED IN 'HITCHIKER'S GUIDE TO THE GALAXY' IN 1979

By Mike Cotter

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