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  1. I found one just like it here: VICTORIAN METAL...

    I found one just like it here: VICTORIAN METAL ORNATE COVER PLATE CABINET DOOR ange (07/17/2009)...

    The gate on it measures almost 13" high and 7 11/16" across.
  2. Antique A.M. Nachf 19th century cast iron w/lock what is it?


    I was wondering if any experts could help me figure out exactly this is/was used for. I bought a month or so ago at a garage sale from a woman who said her mother had this. I don't have the...
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    I recently just signed up under the 7-day free trial member option and do not see how I could even unsubscribe and also am wondering about the 25 price look-ups under a free membership. Can...
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