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  1. Chicken Suit? What in the heck is this?

    I just recently purchased a "chicken suit" and I am wondering what is it? Where is it from? What is it used for?

    Seems to me it could be used for some sort of ritual purposes?

    I really have no...
  2. Determining value of giant Cutty Sark bottle?

    I just got a giant (19 inches high) Cutty Sark advertising bottle with a stand.

    Problem is that I am having a hard time finding a value. Seen them sold for $10 all the way into the hundreds. How...
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    Afircan mask?

    I just got this African(?) mask.

    I am wondering what it might be? Where from? What it might be worth?
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    Alicja Polish glass?

    I was wondering if anyone could tell me what the Alicja polish glass could be worth?

    I found an exact match and they are asking (but not selling) $80 and I found only one sold similar but not an...
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    Wood block artist?

    I have a signed and numbered wood block.

    However, I am having trouble figure out if the artist name is Auclaire or Duclaire then on top of that there is no first initial or first name. So even if...
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    Reading signature on art work?

    I have a numbered painting (which I know can mean nothing) and it is signed as well but I can not read the signature.

    Some one once told me that there is a web site that allows you to input the...
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    No that is not it. I have seen that one and it...

    No that is not it. I have seen that one and it seems to be fairly common.

    I have enclosed a picture of what I have.

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    Heinz Private Pickle inflatable?

    I just got a Heinz Private Pickle inflatable and I can not seem to find this any place.

    I have seen the bobble heads, a plush toy, a costume and an ornament but can not seem to find the inflatable...
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    Anyone tried

    Has anyone tried to sell on I am very tempted because their fees are so much less than ebay. However, I wonder if ebid has enough traffic and I wonder about their customer service?

  10. it is 18 inches tall, it works and has no makers...

    it is 18 inches tall, it works and has no makers marks of any kind.

    Looks pretty old but I am not sure.
  11. need help find value of vintage lamp?

    can some one give me a vale of the lamp pictured below?
  12. Coca Cola Gumby advertisement. Limited market?

    I just got a really neat Gumby and Pokey Coca Cola animation cell. It is signed and number.

    I looked it up and it sold for $149 all the way to $225. I know the value is there. However, I am...
  13. Doral cigarette sign? Limited market?

    I recently found a neon Doral Cigarette sign.

    I have seen these not sold on Ebay for $300 and $350. However, I have not seen any actually sold.

    How do I determine a value for this? I know that...
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    This is now popular because it is on tv. Sadly...

    This is now popular because it is on tv. Sadly the reality of this is way different than tv. Tv might be "true" in parts but the fact of the matter the tv show is highly edited and/or even staged....
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    Michelob neon sign?

    Just picked this up (see pic) and I am wondering if this is vintage or not?

    Secondly, one of the listings I found for this although it did not tell me that it was vintage or not did mention that...
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    You were right. I got $20 for this item. Thanks...

    You were right. I got $20 for this item. Thanks for the tips.
  17. No there is no signature or other information on...

    No there is no signature or other information on it.

    This is very frustrating because I know that this is not "junk" because I do know that it was featured in the Bi annual art show in Venice...
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    Authenticating Marano glass?

    How do I authenticate Marno glass?

    I saw a nice glass rooster and they said it was Marano "style" which is not the same thing.

    Is there some kind of signature and/or makers mark that I need to...
  19. Can not find this artist. Please help

    I can not find the name of the artist in the picture below. I do know that it was most likely purchased at an art show in Venice Italy circa 1965.

    Other than that I can not seem to identify this...
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    Painting not selling on Ebay?

    I have a painting on Ebay and for whatever reason(s) it is not selling.

    I have seen these go for over $500 and yet I am putting up for auction for $300 and have had very little activity. How come?...
  21. OK thanks for that info. You are right there is...

    OK thanks for that info. You are right there is nothing even close about being vintage on this one.

    I did find out that these were a mail in promotion done by Kellogs. The next questions are: How...
  22. Can not find this toy car anyplace!?

    I can not find this toy car anyplace on the web.

    Worthpoint came up with something similar but not exactly what I have. This one says Kellogs racing team and has a Tony the Tiger theme to it.
  23. My fave so far was a vintage marlboro...

    My fave so far was a vintage marlboro (cigarettes) clock.

    They guy at the garage sale wanted $10 for it. Thing is that the plug was cut off. I said I will take my chances for $5 because I had no...
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    Are estate sales worth the chaos?

    Went to a local estate sale and that thing was total chaos!

    They had sign up sheet starting at 5 am and were not even opening until 8 am! On top of that there was a huge line and they were only...
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    1932 California license plates?

    I just got some 1932 California license plates.

    Thing is that the Ebay pricing on these is all over the place. I am talking about anywhere from $35 all the way up to $550.

    I guess the question...
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