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  1. Audra Blevins says:

    Very informative…it’s always hard to part with something you love, but if the buyer loves it too it makes it easier.

  2. Lynn Rosack says:

    Great podcast! I related when you emphasized that Collectors “fall in love with their Stuff”! How true, and a fact not often understood by non-collectors.

  3. Toni Sly says:

    I really enjoyed and learned from your broadcasts here.
    Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

    The topic of Emotional Aspects of Selling Family Antiques is dear to my heart. I started crying upon hearing your opening comments.

    My son and I are the ‘end of the line’ in our family.
    I have 75% of my ancestors precious things.
    I have a serious attachment to them due to all the memories.

    My son is intellectually disabled (new term for mentally retarded), so these things will have to leave our family.

    I knew I would keep the things I personally loved, but
    I felt sooooo guilty when I thought of selling the other wonderful items that were cherished by my ancestors & me.
    It really did seem that I would be letting down my ancestors.

    Then I realized that if the proceeds went to my son’s future “special needs trust”.. his Mom and Dad and all of his ancestors would be helping him financially during his remaining years. That gave me much comfort re my ‘stuff’ & his future well being. :)

    My problem now is when to start selling because of the current economy. I’m hearing that prices are down about 80%. :(

    Thanks again!