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Spring Training Means One Thing to Collectors: Chasing Autographs

Autograph collecting is a tradition whose history has been well documented years before the concept of an organized baseball pre-season training regime took hold at the professional level. However, for both baseball fans and collectors, the phrase “pitchers and catchers report” signifies the start of a baseball season that—from beginning to end—encompasses nearly nine-months. Spring […]

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Selling Your Gold: What You Should Know About the Process

As a professional independent appraiser, people have come to me over the years to sell their gold. During the consultation, I would sort their gold items into what should be sold for gold weight and what should be sold as jewelry (usually antique). This article is to help educate you on how to sell your […]

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Dining with Antiques – The Mid-Century Ease of Pyrex Casseroles

As the growing interest in Mid-Century Modern collectibles continues to sweep through many parts of the U.S., furniture and decorative arts from the 1950s and 1960s are being displayed in more and more living rooms and dens. The kitchen is a popular place to showcase retro items as well, as aqua appliances, atomic wall clocks […]

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How Searching for One Particular Penny Started a Life-Long Coin Collection

Now that we have taken the curtain down on another year and started a new one, for numismatists such as myself, it is a time to reflect and really enjoy the hobby of coin collecting. As Old Man Winter settles in and the days have gotten shorter, it’s a great time to catalog and research […]

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