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Polishing Your Antique Silver: Tips for a Tedious Holiday Chore

Thanksgiving Day is less than a week away, and if you are tempted to get out your antique silver to make your holiday table sparkle, there are a few things you need to know before you get down to the chore of cleaning and polishing that silver. Before cleaning or polishing silver, it is important […]

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‘Herzlichen Glückwunsch!’ Best Wishes on Starting a German Beer Stein Collection

Collecting something new can usually be overwhelming. When I first started collecting and selling beer steins, I was amazed by the vast variety available. A large majority of the antique steins you will find out there are low-priced “souvenir” steins. These types of steins generally don’t hold much value or collectability. Beginning collectors will usually […]

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The Zen of Collecting: 8 Tips for Building a Better Collection

“Knowledge is power,” a quote attributed to Sir Francis Bacon, is the watchword of collecting and one reason WorthPoint is such a valuable resource: With a few keystrokes you can research a specific collectible and find out what similar items—even the very same one you’re considering purchasing—sold for in the past. It’s the ideal way […]

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Haunted Antiques: Do Some Items Retain Ghostly Emotions of Original Owners?

I hope that the title has piqued your interest in this article and I am fairly certain that a few of you are thinking “Okay, this whackadoodle has totally lost her mind.” Either way, this is a very true story based on events that I experienced in my antique shop. I have been a life-long […]

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