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Chinese Export Silver an Oft-Forgotten yet Significant Antique Silver Category

+-*Chinese Export Silver (1785-1940) is a much-forgotten, yet highly significant antique silver category. Early Chinese Export Silver was comprised mostly of faithful copies of comparable quality of British, American and European silver of the Georgian period, with silver content being up to half as much again as the originals. Probably most of the true masterpieces […]

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A Holy Grail of New England Bottles, a ‘Stoddard Flag Flask,’ Found

+-*Yes, that headline is correct, and I’d love to be able to say I was the one who found it. I didn’t, but the next best thing is for a friend of mine to have dug it up. He did, and I was able to see it and hold it myself. My friend, whose name […]

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Collectible Vintage Cookbooks: Which are Tasty Treats and which are Past Their Prime?

+-*In my business, I visit (and work at) a lot of estate sales and antique stores. It’s always amazing to see the number of vintage cookbooks that come up to the cash register. Usually, they are small and inexpensive, with recipes that were once popular but no longer fashionable (like casseroles and Jell-O salads). Often, […]

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The Search for Christian and Easter Rarities in the World of Chinese Export Silver

+-*中國出口銀器: 復活節的珍寶 Christianity has had a presence in China since the Tang Dynasty, including a significant influential Jesuit network, as well as Protestant missionaries, many of whom were Scottish. Yet, despite the long history, surviving Chinese Christian religious artefacts are extremely rare. During Passion Week and Eastertide, we explore this complex and at times violent […]

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