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  • Sep 14 2016
  • 14 Sep 2016

Take Steps Now to Prevent Winter Damage to Outdoor Art

  People love their gardens, and that includes many wonderful old statues and other ornaments made of stone and metal. But every winter, many witness […]

  • Sep 13 2016
  • 13 Sep 2016

Original Painting for ‘E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial’ Movie Poster on the Block at Heritage

DALLAS – Hanging on Hollywood writer and producer Bob Bendetson’s office wall for the last 13 years, the original promotional movie poster illustration for “E.T. […]

  • Sep 12 2016
  • 12 Sep 2016

Rinker on Collectibles: Forgotten Giants of Antiques and Collectibles Part II

Forgotten Giants is about our roots, those pioneers whose contributions laid the foundation of the antiques and collectibles business. These individuals blazed the trail and […]

  • Sep 8 2016
  • 8 Sep 2016

Sweepstakes Report: WorthPoint will not Flee the Lille Flea Market

As many of you are aware (if you are not, you should be), WorthPoint now sponsors a quarterly trip to one of the world’s exotic […]

  • Sep 7 2016
  • 7 Sep 2016

WorthPoint Chats with Harry Rinker: A (Supposed) Shaker Basket for $35

In the Sept. 7, 2016 episode, antiques and collectibles expert Harry Rinker answers viewers’ questions about what is supposed to be a Shaker basket purchased […]

  • Sep 7 2016
  • 7 Sep 2016

Auction Report: 1965 NASA Robot, Bonnie & Clyde Letter and Steve Jobs’ T-Shirts

Welcome back… If you have a penchant for collecting rare, unusual, or celebrity items, you’ll like this month’s Auction Talk. Items crossing the block soon […]

  • Sep 6 2016
  • 6 Sep 2016

Mark of the Week: Syracuse China Company’s Railway China

We are all fortunate to have an incredible resource for identifying marks right at our fingertips. WorthPoint’s MAPS (Marks, Autographs, Patterns and Symbols) database has […]

  • Sep 6 2016
  • 6 Sep 2016

Collecting Presidential Campaign Items in 2016 isn’t as Big a Draw as in the Past

In political collecting, presentation is everything.  The more unique a political campaign item is, the more collectible it becomes. The campaign of John F. Kennedy […]

  • Sep 6 2016
  • 6 Sep 2016

Size Matters: Three of the World’s Biggest Coins

Every now and then money takes on immense proportions. It happened on the South Pacific Island of Yap, in several German states and in Sweden. […]

  • Sep 2 2016
  • 2 Sep 2016

Getting Down to the ABCs of Learning and Collecting

While many kids across the country have already gone back to school, and others are joyously trying to use up the last few days of […]