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The Longest Tea Party the World’s Ever Seen! Part 1 1/21/14 Loudoun Castle is unloading中國出口銀器: 有史以來最長的茶具 之一 My research has long made me aware of the inextricable links between The China Trade period and Chinese … More >>

Chinese Export Silver: The Cultural Crossovers of Incense 1/13/14 Wang Hing Spill Vases中國出口銀器: 中外文化結合的香! The relationship and benefits between humans and incense may be likened to butterflies to flowers and trees to the … More >>

Chinese Export Silver: Culture Shock! 1/1/14 Joan Rivers文化震撼 I have chosen to start 2014 with a rant! Please humor me while I do… For two years now, I have … More >>

Standing on Ceremony: Huabiao Pillars reworked as Amazing Silver Columns 12/12/13 Chinese Export Silver Huabiao中國出口銀器: 講究禮儀 Chinese culture is so enriched with allegorical imagery that one could almost say it is its very foundation. As … More >>

Silversmith Wang Hing didn’t have Breakfast at Tiffany’s! 12/9/13 Breakfast at Tiffany宏興沒去過蒂芬尼吃早餐! For almost 30 years there has been a widely held view that the most prolific of the Chinese Export Silver … More >>

The Clever Box: Small Containers offer Chinese Silversmiths Room to Astonish 12/3/13 Tang Dynasty Silver Gilt Box中國出口銀器: 不凡的盒子! For Chinese artisans, boxes have always been more than mere utilitarian objects. Through the centuries, special decorative techniques were … More >>

Savoir Faire and ‘L’art De La Table’ – So Typically Chinese! 11/22/13 Chinese Export Silver pair of Wang Hing epergnes餐桌上的專業與藝術 – 典型的中國風格 A well-set dining table may be likened to a stage set; it can speak volumes about an occasion, … More >>

Chinese Export Silver Items Strike Gold at Heritage Auctions Sale 11/15/13 MLW Sheng Chang Standing CupAt the back end of August this year, the Dallas-based auction house Heritage Auctions had consulted with me regarding some … More >>

Chinese Export Silversmiths were Masters of the Art of the Tazza 11/1/13 Chinese Export Silver small tazza by Hung Chong中國出口銀器: 藝術大師級的高腳盤子 It is equally perplexing to find the origins of the object we know as a “tazza” as to understand … More >>

The Complex Hierarchy of the China Trade Relative to the Chinese Export Silver Trade 10/27/13 Chinese Export Silver View of Hoppo Returning in Canton相對於中國出口銀貿易而言的中國貿易之複雜階級制度 Chinese Export Silver was very much a product of the China Trade, but the period between 1757-1842 is now known … More >>

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