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Passing the Salt for 8,000 Years in Chinese Export Silver Style 10/21/13 Chinese Export Silver Cutshing pair of open salts中國出口銀器: 遞上鹽的格調 – 8000年了! To many of us, we might be aware of the connotations that salt has with monarchy—a substance … More >>

Canton Georgian Gems in Massachusetts: A Boston Connection to Chinese Export Silver 10/8/13 georgian tea pot在馬薩諸塞州的廣東喬治亞風瑰寶 How can one get excited over a silver teapot? No, this isn’t a riddle; it’s a reality! For me, it’s … More >>

Chinese Export Silver Candlesticks are Lustrous Beacons of Excellence 10/7/13 Sing Fat Chinese Export Silver candlesticks中國出口銀器: 明亮的卓越之燈塔 Chinese Export Silver is without doubt the most mysterious silver category the world ever saw. Only now, more than … More >>

Takes a Cup of Kindness Yet: Chinese Export Silver Beakers 9/25/13 Tang Dynasty silver beaker中國出口銀器: 我們一起真誠地舉杯 There are not many things the West and China had in common in the 18th and 19th centuries, but … More >>

The Ultimate Tea Ceremony: How the Custom of Taking Tea Influenced Silver Tea Sets 9/20/13 Anna, 7th Duchess of Bedford中國出口銀器: 終極茶道 Chinese Export Silver was very much a product of the China Trade, which in itself was a phenomenon born … More >>

When Sun Shone on Canton for 95 Years: From Georgian to High Chinese Style 9/16/13 Sun Shing Cider Jug中國出口銀器: 陽光普照著廣州城的那九十五年 I’ve been aware of some debate recently over referenced manufacturing periods for some of the Chinese Export Silver makers. … More >>

Treasured Kingfisher Feathers Give Chinese Export Silver the Blues 9/6/13 Tian tsui 1中國出口銀器也憂鬱 The striking iridescent blue of kingfisher feathers have been highly prized in China for at least 2,500 years. Their widespread … More >>

A Serious Case of Mistaken Identity Finally Revealed 8/30/13 Tu Mao Xing Tea Canister (Adrien von Ferscht,中國出口銀器: 一個被錯誤辨認已久的身份終於被揭露了 There is no such maker as Kan Mao Hsing! This article is focuses upon a long-running case of mistaken identity … More >>

Pearl River Meets the East River over a Chinese Export Silver Box 8/25/13 silver box 1珠江在一個中國出口銀盒上遇到了紐約的東河 For a nation that had been almost totally introspective to the point of being hermetically sealed off for hundreds of … More >>

Chinese Export Silver: An Almighty Battle Royal over a Tea Set! 8/16/13 Tu Mao Xing Tea Set中國出口銀器: 一套茶具上的偉大戰役 Inundated though I am with images of Chinese Export Silver, both shared by others from around the world and … More >>

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