WorthPoint Adds Three Experts to Its International Team of Worthologists

ATLANTA, Dec 12, 2008 — WorthPoint Corporation (www.worthpoint.com) today announced that it has appointed three experts to its growing international team of Worthologists.

WorthPoint Worthologists are men and women with expertise and a passion for art, antiques and collectibles. Their backgrounds include auctioneering, appraising, publishing, teaching and consulting. What all Worthologists have in common is their ability to evaluate items to determine their history, significance and worth. They all adhere to a strict WorthPoint ethical code of conduct.

The three new Worthologists are:

John Logsdon, Guthrie Center, Iowa. John is an expert in petroliana — collectibles related to gas stations or the petroleum industry. John’s father owned the Ford dealership in his small town of Guthrie Center, Iowa. Many years ago, John was given a small automotive or gasoline advertising sign (he doesn’t quite remember which now) by a service station owner. That sign spawned an interest in collecting gas pumps, globes and signs made of wood, tin, porcelain, and even neon. John traveled throughout the Midwest looking for the special, the unknown, or the collectible.

John and two partners established the Iowa Gas Swap Meet and Auctions in 1986. After 22 years, it is regarded by collectors as the premier oil and gas collectible show in the U.S. John is a life member of the Antique Auto Club of America. His collection of vintage petroliana has been featured on “Home Matters” on the Discovery Channel.

Larry Kellogg, Sarasota, Florida. Larry is an expert in circus memorabilia. For more than 35 years, Larry has had a close association with the Ringling Circus Museum in Sarasota, Florida. The museum is part of The John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art, the official State Art Museum of Florida. In 2005 Larry and his partner were awarded a contract as consultants for the Tibbals Learning Center, which doubled the size of the Ringling Circus Museum. The center houses an interactive circus exhibition including rare circus lithographs and the Howard Bros. Circus, the largest miniature circus in the world.

Larry collects historical circus memorabilia, including books, posters, programs, couriers, heralds, photos, route books, route sheets, documents, letterhead and many one-of-a-kind items. He is a member of the Circus Historical Society and the Circus Fans Association of America.

Zoran Stamenic, Fairfax, Virginia. Zoran is an expert in Oriental rugs and textiles. Zoran, born in Serbia in 1955, spent his early professional life working in TV and film production while investing his hard-earned money into a collection of antique, Oriental tribal weavings and books about them, a passion he picked up during childhood from his grandfather, a wool monger and a carter.
A serious collector and dealer, Zoran buys, restores and preserves some of the most beautiful and important Oriental rugs of the 19th and early 20th centuries. Zoran promotes the use of tribal and village textiles in home design and decoration as a way of preserving this rich cultural legacy of the Orient. He is a recognized specialist in the preservation of antique and Oriental weavings who is equally at home in the bazaars of Istanbul as he is at antique shows in the United States and Europe.

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Atlanta-based WorthPoint Corp. is an Internet-based data-and-media company that offers a vast database of sales records on art, antiques and collectibles. Founded in 2007, WorthPoint has quickly become the world’s largest social network for researching the worth of antiques and collectibles. WorthPoint helps collectors understand the worth of their items and provides expert advice from its international team of Worthologists on how to preserve or sell antiques and collectibles. WorthPoint recently acquired Dublin, Ohio-based GoAntiques, the oldest antiques-and-collectibles site on the Web.

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