WorthPoint Corporation Appoints Laura Collum and Linda Carannante to it’s Worthologist Team

WorthPoint’s Worthologists are men and women with expertise and a passion for art, antiques and collectibles. Their backgrounds include auctioneering, appraising, publishing, teaching and consulting. What all Worthologists have in common is their ability to evaluate items to determine their history, significance and worth. They all adhere to a strict WorthPoint ethical code of conduct.

Laura Collum, of Belleair Bluffs, Florida, is an expert in decoys, nautical items and scientific instruments. As a biologist for the federal government, Laura created a personal collection around vintage decoys. Decoys by Shourds, Marter, Mason, Dudley, Crowell, Mitchell and those from the Great Lakes, New York, New Jersey, Virginia, and throughout Canada all contributed to her extensive expertise as they passed through her shop.

Her collection also includes an extensive background in assessing nautical items and scientific instruments, which still conveys her background as a biologist. Laura also has a strong background in Civil War swords and guns, an expertise she shares with her father. Her extensive expertise is truly of a Renaissance variety. Asked how she became interested in these particular areas, Laura remembers that she “was dragged from one dusty antique shop to another when I was little. Apparently something rubbed off besides the dust.”

Linda Carannante, of Pottstown, Pennsylvania, is an expert in Fenton and Depression glass. Linda has been a collector, then a dealer for over 30 years along with her husband, Antonio. Up and down the East coast from Brimfield in Massachusetts to the Big Flea in Washington, DC, Linda is usually the star glassware attraction in any antique show she attends. She can also be found every weekend April through October at her stand at Shupp’s Grove in Adamstown, Pennsylvania.

Linda specializes in glassware and pottery of all kinds but has a fondness for Depression, Elegant Glass, Hall and Fenton. Linda has been recognized as one of the top Fenton glass dealers in the United States. She is a member of the Imperial Glass Club and a Fenton Gold Showcase Dealer. Since 2005, Linda has contributed to the Antique Traderprice guides on Fenton and Depression glass.

About WorthPoint

Atlanta-based WorthPoint Corp. is an Internet-based data-and-media company that offers a vast database of sales records on art, antiques and collectibles. Founded in 2007, WorthPoint has quickly become the world’s largest social network for researching the worth of antiques and collectibles. WorthPoint helps collectors understand the worth of their items and provides expert advice from its international team of Worthologists on how to preserve or sell antiques and collectibles. WorthPoint recently acquired Dublin, Ohio- based GoAntiques, the oldest antiques-and-collectibles site on the Web.

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