WorthPoint Web Site Surpasses One Million Page Views


WorthPoint Corporation reached an important milestone this week when its new Web site (www.worthpoint.com) surpassed its one millionth page view.

WorthPoint Founder and CEO Will Seippel said that traffic on the company’s site has far exceeded projections and noted that while it took the company several months to reach one million page views, the second million will come within weeks.

“The pace of our growth clearly demonstrates people’s pent-up demand for information regarding the value of their possessions and their desire to understand the objects they own,” Seippel said.

Seippel, a passionate collector of Americana and a tech company turnaround specialist, founded WorthPoint to make it much easier for people around the world to learn about the history and value of the things they own or want to own. The site boasts almost two million data points of historical and current prices, photographs and descriptions from more than 250 auction houses.

“Despite being a small, relatively new company, we already employ 50 people in five countries on three continents. International content is important to our users; in fact, about 30 percent of our Web traffic comes from outside the United States,” Seippel said.

While the site is a growing information source for collectors, it is more than that as a business, Seippel said. “What’s underneath is more complex. We are a data company crossing collectors from around the world into one large financial market. Our social Web 2.0 portal is only the first way to monetize and share the data. WorthPoint is creating a language for the $150 billion collectibles industry, setting up taxonomies and cataloging data.”

About WorthPoint Corporation

Reston, Virginia-based WorthPoint, founded in January 2007, is a database and media company for the world of collectors. Its Web site (www.worthpoint.com) catalogues and tracks the sales history and current value of antiques and collectibles from around the world, and makes this information available to everyone. The site features a library of information called the “Worthopedia;” a team of experts in a wide range of antiques and collectibles called “Worthologists”; online communities, and news of upcoming auctions and events. WorthPoint built its Web site using open source content management and is, with its partners at George Mason University, pioneering the use of open source code and visual recognition technology for the industry.


WorthPoint Corporation
Will Seippel, Founder & CEO
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