18th. Century Antiques, Prized but not always priceless.

18th c. leather box
18th c. leather box
18th. c. leather box
18th c. leather box
18th century leather box

When I found this old box or small trunk at a flea market years ago,I was quite smitten with myself and the $5.00 price I paid for it. I thought for sure that I had a very rare and valuable 18th. century treasure. Well maybe there was once a treasure inside! This box is all hand made from wood. It is covered in hand tooled leather with hand wrought hinges, a handle and a lock.The inside is paper covered with old book pages and a faded wall paper type pattern covers some of the words. It has the maker’s label on the inside underneath the cover ” John Clements Nephew and Successor to Mr. Henry Nickless Trunk Maker, At the original shop, the corner of St. Paul’s London.” I searched all and any information about this piece and could not find the name at all.

As I studied similar pieces more and more it all came echoeing back to me, condition,condition,condition. I was finding similar tooled 18th. century leather objects selling for $50.00-$400.00 with better conditioned leather. I have since learned that my piece is more on $50.00 side rather than what I was hoping for. Oh well, I think it looks great on my book shelf and it makes for a great conversation piece and goes to show that we all have our own niche of collecting and we are always learning about new things.

Becoming a collector can be most interesting as well as educational; It is the quest that keeps us going.

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  1. Tom Carrier says:

    That is definitely a fun box. I, too, like boxes, and I would have thought that it would have been at least in the $75 to $100 because of its age, if not its condition.

    It definitely makes for a nice conversation piece since the paper inside definitely is handmade laid paper of the 18th century. How fun! I certainly would have bought it for $5.

    Very nice.

    Tom Carrier

  2. SevenGables says:

    Thanks Tom, I don’t know if I could find many more today for that price.I bought this piece over fifteen years ago.But you never know where you may “sniff out” a good bargain. I enjoy all types of boxes as well. Happy Hunting ~~ Edward