Weekly News Roundup: July 4-July 8

In art, antiques and collectibles news, we see Elizabeth Taylor’s jewels, an Apollo astronaut in hot water and Derek Jeter’s 3,000th.

From International Business Times:
Elizabeth Taylor collection to go up for auction

It seems only fitting that Elizabeth Taylor’s jewels and designer duds will go on a three-month worldwide tour before ending up at Christie’s auction house. Christie’s has put a $145-million price tag on the fab-u-lous collection—honey, that lady knew how to collect—with some of the proceeds going to a charity La Liz held dear, the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation.

From Reuters:
Government sues Apollo 14 astronaut over lunar camera

Okay, name the three astronauts who crewed Apollo 11. Commander Neil Armstrong, easy. Lunar module pilot Buzz Aldrin. And, a little harder, the command module pilot? That would be Michael Collins. Now try the crew for Apollo 14. There are few us except for diehard NASA fanatics and extraterrestrial-life believers who would know the name of that mission’s lunar module pilot. That would be Edgar Mitchell, who is now in trouble with the feds. It seems Mitchell has a camera used to take pictures of the A14 moonwalk and wants to auction it. NASA says, Mitchell, you have a problem, and wants the camera back. The former astronaut contends he was given the souvenir by the space agency.

From CBS News:
The dirt on DJ3K collectibles

Now that Yankees Derek Jeter is off the disabled list, he’s off and batting for his 3,000th hit. And the frenzy for collectibles is rising. One of the silliest will be dirt from whichever stadium the historic belt is achieved. Yes, you will be able to buy soil from the DJ3K batter’s box and his shortstop space. Not to worry that someone will try to fob off dirt from Central Park. There will be a Major League Baseball Authenticator there.

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