Becky Thatcher Collectibles, Big Coins Make Big Bucks, Wine Too Expensive to Uncork

Collectibles from Tom Sawyer’s inamorata, a rewarding coin sale and Christie’s isn’t selling box wine.

Collectibles enthusiasts take note. Remember the oh-so-beautiful, so unattainable Becky Thatcher? She had the admiring Tom Sawyer doing somersaults. Literally. Her house, okay not exactly her house, she was a fictional character, but that of Laura Hawkins who inspired Samuel Clemens (aka Mark Twain) to create Becky, has fallen into major decrepitude.

The Mark Twain Boyhood Home and Museum in Hannibal, Mo., has been trying to raise $250,000 to save Becky’s home. To aid in that effort, the museum is conducting an auction on August 9, the Associated Press reports.

Being offered? Collectibles and antiques that were displayed in “Becky’s house” for 50 years.

When coins become big bills

“Platinum Night” was a very good name for the Baltimore’s World’s Fair of Money, according to CoinLink.

What are we talking here? Try $27 million. Almost enough to send your kid to Harvard.

Christie’s concedes on Asian wine auctions

So you consider changing a little something, say the tax on wine, and all of a sudden Christie’s International after a seven-year hiatus is going to conduct wine auctions in Hong Kong, Bloomberg News tells us.

“The change in the tax spurred our decision to return,” said Kate Malin, Christie’s Hong Kong-based spokeswoman. “The time is right considering Asia’s economy is where it is now.”

We interpret that economy comment as being it’s really good.

Christie’s 250 lots may bring in more than $3 million—if they aren’t drunk first.


Remember Elvis’ favorite peacock jumpsuit mentioned is our last Collected News report? Someone paid $300,000 for it.