Sports Collectibles News March 2-6

The past few weeks have been busy for the world of sports and sports collectibles. To make sure you’re in tune with the latest sports collectibles news, I’ve brought all the top stories together in this roundup.

Tiger Woods autographed victory photo

Tiger Woods autographed victory photo

• Tiger is Back! Upper Deck Releases New Cards—Five years. That’s how long it’s been since Upper Deck published a PGA card set. But that’s not keeping them from putting the world’s most popular golfer in their sports collectibles. Tiger Woods cards will be popping up in football sets, baseball card sets and an upcoming Sports Royalty subset. This news comes just as Tiger Woods is coming back off his eight-month injury.

Interested in this Tiger Woods collectible? Click here.

• Upper Deck Produces New Griffey Jr. Mariners Cards—Who says you can’t go home again? Last week, Ken Griffey Jr. signed a deal to send him back to the Seattle Mariners. Will this be the storybook ending to a great career? Only time will tell, but Upper Deck has already gone to work to create a special welcome-back card for the slugger. Here’s to hoping Griffey is able to be successful in his new (old) home.

Ken Griffey Jr. rookie card

Ken Griffey Jr. rookie card

Griffey cards, senior and junior

Griffey cards, senior and junior

The Griffey Jr. rookie card is available on GoAntiques, as is the father-and-son set.

• A-Roid’s “Confession” Spells Disinterest in His Collectibles—Even if you don’t follow sports news, you probably have heard the reports of Alex Rodriguez testing positive for steroids in 2003. This devastating information coupled with his halfhearted explanation caused a severe downturn in demand for A-Rod collectibles. For more information, read my story about the market for A-Rod collectibles.

• Sports Museum of America Closes Doors—A sign of the tough economic times, the Sports Museum of America was forced to shut its doors recently. The museum hadn’t even reached its one-year anniversary before its inability to cover operating costs led to its demise (for now anyway). Museum officials remain hopeful that a new owner will emerge to reopen the museum, but with the state of the economy, that seems unlikely.

• Clemens’ Gifts to McNamee Go to Auction—Things have been fairly quiet on the Roger Clemens’ front for the last couple months. However, it was announced recently that several pieces of memorabilia that Clemens gave to now-famous trainer Brian McNamee will be hitting auction blocks soon. Some of these collectibles include Clemens’ 2000 World Series trophy, game-worn memorabilia, autographed baseballs, All Star jerseys, gloves and other items. It should be interesting to see for how much (or little) these items sell. A poor economy plus the Clemens’ steroid scandal could lead to bargain-basement prices.

Roger Clemens Red Sox cards

Roger Clemens Red Sox cards

If you want more details about this Clemens Red Sox cards, click here.

What stories would you add to this list? Share your insight into the latest events of sports collectibles in the comments.

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  • sally

    I have acquired a neat sports collectible that is from the 1960’s. A young man, who was a bat boy for the College World Series in Omaha acquired lots of professional baseball players autographs and put them together and framed them with some pictures as well. I have Mickey Mantle, Sandy Koufax, Don Drysdale, Jim Barbieri, Ron Fairley, Jim Lefebure, Claude Osteen, Maury Wills, Tom Davis, Al Ferrara, Jim Gilliam, Bob Gibson, Joe Garagiola, Vin Scully, Duke Snyder and Walt Alston. The pictures show the young man standing in line waiting for autographs. I was wondering what this collectible may be worth.

  • Eric

    Hi Sally,

    That sounds like a very interesting collection; you should upload some pictures. As far as its worth, I’m afraid I’m going to have to refer you to the Ask a Worthologist section. I’m a sports writer and enthusiast, but not an appraiser.



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