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by WorthPoint Staff (09/27/12).

America’s fastest growing website for self-storage auction hunters, Storage Treasures, will release an free educational video training series for novice storage auction hunters, pickers and garage sale resellers. The how-to video series, which is scheduled for an early October release, will feature “Storage Wars” cast members Dan and Laura Dotson, of American Auctioneers, who have been featured on the A&E show since its inception in 2010.

Other “Storage Wars” cast members—including famed buyer of the Paris Hilton unit, Nabilia Haniss—are also featured throughout the series of videos, which is aimed at equipping anyone, from storage unit auction hunters to pickers, with the knowledge to buy and sell for a profit. For a sneak peak at the video series, check it out here:



With contributions by the Dotsons and Haniss, the launch of the video series marks the first time in the history of reality television that cast members from a particular genre have come together to shoot an educational videos to help viewers learn how to make a living doing what they see on television.

The company also sees the video series as a way to help those effected most by the sagging economy. The series offers hundreds of tips and tricks aimed at helping the average person needing full or part time income, to learn the buying and selling game to the point where it becomes a viable career option. With double-digit unemployment and no light at the end of the tunnel, the company’s goal of helping to create 50,000 jobs couldn’t come at a better time.

Dan Dotson, American Auctioneers’ founder and the featured auctioneer on A&E’s “Storage Wars,” says he is excited to help storage auction buyers make money and protect themselves against losses.

“The economy has been hard on so many families for so many years,” Dotson said. “So Laura and I wanted to create something that could enable people to make money in these hard times. This series is all about helping people learn a skill that can put food on the table and a few bucks in their pockets.”

“Storage auctions offer a viable path for the guy looking to build a significant side income as well as someone looking to start a full time business” said President and Founder Lance Watkins. “The key to getting in, and staying in the business, is avoiding the mistakes that often derail new buyers. By using our educational series, novice auction hunters, pickers and garage sales resellers can shorten the learning curve and build a knowledge base that will help them build a profitable career.”

To learn more about the free series visit the Storage Treasures Pro Training Page.


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