Vintage, Collectible Toys on the Block at Serious Toyz Online Auction

This Linemar tin battery-operated remote-control 1956 Mark II Continental car—in the box—is “is one of the rarest tin cars in the world,” sayd Serious Toyz owner Tom Miano.

This Linemar tin battery-operated remote-control 1956 Mark II Continental car—in the box—is “is one of the rarest tin cars in the world,” says Serious Toyz owner Tom Miano.

CROTON-ON-HUDSON, NY — Touted as among the most impressive and diverse online auctions of its kind in years and a spectacular opportunity for collectors to bid on an expansive range of classic toys and memorabilia with no reserve prices, Serious Toyz is in the closing days of its Fall ‘09 Online Vintage Toy & Collectible Auction.

The Serious Toyz online auction, which offers collectors and aficionados an unparalleled selection of superior vintage toys and collectibles, will continue through Friday, Oct. 9, and will close at 10 p.m. EST for Part One (Character and Classic Toys, 504 lots), and on Saturday, Oct. 10 at 10 p.m. EST for Part Two (Toy Vehicles, 576 lots).

The auction features a total of 1,081 lots of vintage toy collectibles from every conceivable category and appealing to every price point. With lots ranging from tin vehicles, Matchbox cars and Disney characters, to superhero lunch boxes and 1936 celluloid “Popeye the Champ,” the Serious Toyz ’09 Online Vintage Auction represents panoply of coveted collectible items from some of the industry’s most noteworthy purveyors, consignors and collectors of toy ephemera.

While the challenging economy may still have a stranglehold on some sectors, collectors of vintage toys can take heart, said Tom Miano, owner of Serious Toyz.

“Vintage toy and collectible auction prices continue to be robust, and in many cases, record setting,” Miano said. “When you combine the expanding popularity of collecting with a finite number of available items, the continual climb in prices for ‘the good stuff’ does make sense. However, ‘good stuff’ does not necessarily mean expensive.”

Miano says that here is a lot of buzz surrounding many of the items up for auction, including a stunning, battery-operated remote control 1956 Mark II Continental, featuring front and rear directional lights, manufactured by Linemar (Marx). The two-door sedan “is one of the rarest tin cars in the world,” Miano says; it is in near pristine condition, and has a minimum bid of $3,500.

Miano points out that the 1956 Mark II Continental—as well as a significant number of the early character items offered on the online auction—are courtesy of the collection of “a wonderful couple,” both of whom have been ardent toy collectors since the 1970s. “These two were way ahead of the collecting curve,” he points out, “and they were able to gather incredible examples of some of the rarest toys —long before the rest of us caught on,” he said.

A majority of the Disney items and ‘Toons offerings were provided by the couple, in addition to several other important lots, including the 1950s Linemar (Marx) Friction Four Motor Whirling Propeller Airplane with electric wing and tail lights, which is expected to fetch far in excess of its opening bid of $350.

A rare 1961 Matchbox Foden Cement Truck, #26B, gray barrel variation, in the box.

A rare 1961 Matchbox Foden Cement Truck, #26B, gray barrel variation, in the box.

The auction also features numerous pieces consigned by the famed Philadelphia-based brother-and-sister collecting team of Chas and Tracey Rose. “They have once again stepped up with an amazing array of Batman and other Super Hero collectibles,” Miano said. “They are among the top Batman collectors in the United States. They have an extraordinary collection. We are extremely pleased that they allow us to share elements of their vast collection with others.”

The “Vehicles” portion of the online auction features a wide range of items from the personal collection of Dr. Douglas Sadecky, one of the most significant collectors in the country, and a respected price guide author. “Most of the Matchbox and Hot Wheels lots are his,” Miano said, “as well as a number of other important tin and pressed steel offerings.” A majority of the Beatles lots also belong to Sadecky.

A battery-operated remote-control 1964 Dux-Astroman Electric Robot, mint in the box.

A battery-operated remote-control 1964 Dux-Astroman Electric Robot, mint in the box.

Other standouts at the ’09 fall auction include a 1964 battery-operated Dux-Astroman Electric Robot with a beginning bid of $750. The 12-inch German-made robot “should reach $1,500 or more” once the bidding is closed, Miano said. Another coveted item is a fully equipped 1965 James Bond attaché case. “It’s one of the Holy Grails of Bond collecting,” Miano added. With an initial bid of $495, the case and its contents should also garner significantly more.

Serious Toyz online auctions have no “sudden-death” endings (each item has its own computerized clock, and items will close individually when 60 minutes pass without a bid); as such, there is no advantage to or need for participants to wait until the last minute to place their bids, especially if they’re bidding by phone, Miano said. Bidding before the closing days and using ceiling bids are both advisable, he adds. Pre-registration with a valid credit card is required before a bid can be placed. The Internet bidding platform is

For Miano, the thrill of the auction is matched only by the joy of offering this eclectic group of toys and collectibles to others who share his passion for such treasures. “There is something for everyone and in every price point,” he said. “It really is rewarding to offer this many lots to so many enthusiastic collectors.”

For more information, please contact Tom or Patti Miano toll-free at 866-OLD-TOYZ (866-653-8699) or via email at Visit their Web site at

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    I still have a Carl Hubbell baseball game.this is a metal box shaped and built like a stadium with a pitcher and batter that tosses a ball and swings at it..holes in various positions etc…dated back in 1948…still works..pitcher tosses fast balls,bloopers etc with a twist of a handle..the batter works by a swing mechanism..

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    I always looked for a auction site like this, i have many collectibe toy cars and such id be loving to see their worth.