Weekly News Roundup: August 23-27

In art, antiques and collectibles news this week, we find a toilet, a TV series and a whole lot of cars.

From The Associated Press:
NC memorabilia dealer selling Salinger’s toilet

You can pick up a toilet at Home Depot for 79 bucks. However, if you crave to sit on the same throne that author J. D. Salinger once set his derrière upon, you may have to fork over one-million bucks. We kid you not. Someone is hawking it on eBay with an asking price of $1 million.

From The New York Times:
No ‘Lost’ Left to Unravel, Fans Buy It Piece by Piece

Fans of the TV series “Lost” showed up to bid last weekend on props and costumes. The owner of auction house Profiles in History has deemed “Lost” as the new “Star Trek” in terms of collectibles. One man spent $3,000 for a piece of the downed airplane’s fuselage. Outdoing that was a copy of “Watership Down” that was perused by one the characters. It went for $3,300.

From The Daily Journal (Vineland, N.J.):
Resident created museum out of vast car collection

So you think you’re a collector. You might want to think again. Everett Marshall III? There’s no questioning his collecting creds. After years of acquisition, the former mayor of Newfield, N.J., finally opened a museum in a converted three-car garage to show off what he amassed. All told, he has more than 35,000 Matchbox cars, not to mention all the various and sundry Matchbox games and dolls.

From The Associated Press:
Copper cast of Lady Liberty’s nose up for auction

In the 1980s, the Statue of Liberty got something of a makeover. As part of the face-lift, four casts of her nose were made. And now, one of those casts will be auctioned off along with a pair of sunglasses once owned by James Dean and a motorcycle that rode in the Dallas motorcade when JFK was assassinated.

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