Weekly News Roundup: December 28 to January 1

In art, antiques and collectibles headlines, we find a cult TV show props going on the block, another cult-show fan taking exception to being taken and a Raphael drawing pulling top dollar in 2009.

From the Honolulu Star-Bulletin:
Own a piece of ‘Lost’

Once in a while, a TV series comes along that has viewers glued to the set and salivating for the next episode. “The X-Files” was such a cult favorite. “Lost”—at least for the first few seasons—is another. Now “Lost” fans can buy some of the show’s props as it is wraps up its final season. The Madonna figures that a character used to smuggle heroin. Kate’s toy plane. A Dhramaville foam submarine. The Web auction will be conducted in June.

From The Associated Press via Auction Central News:
Resistance is futile for frustrated ‘Star Trek’ fan

A Trenton, N.J., Trekkie was more than happy to fork over $24,000 at auction for purportedly authentic “Star Trek” memorabilia. Then he ran into Brent Spiner, the actor who played Data on “The Next Generation.” Spiner looked at the visor the Trekkie had bought and said it was a fake. Since hell hath no fury like a “Star Trek” fan fooled, he sued Christie’s and CBS Consumer Products for $7 million. A New Jersey court apparently failed to understand the enormity of the Trekkie’s pain and ruled he could only recover the cost of two of the items he bought.

From Bloomberg:
Raphael’s $47.5 Million Muse Beats Matisse to Top 2009 Prices

The winner of the 2009 auction sweepstakes, a chalk drawing by Raphael. Coming in second, a Matisse still life. Coming in third, Andy Warhol’s dollar bills painting. Buyers went for Old Masters, top-quality 20th-century pieces, jewelry and wine. They, for the most part, eschewed a lot of contemporary art.

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