Weekly News Roundup: December 6 to December 10

In art, antiques and collectibles news, we have cigarette packs, Johnny Cash’s jumpsuit and (gulp) Queen Elizabeth’s panties.

From The Charlotte Observer:
Unopened, antique cigarette packs could fetch healthy price

Here might be an incentive to quit smoking. Don’t open the pack, keep it for many years, and it may be worth more—a lot more—than the original price. Harry Kraemer, now 83, got interested in cigarette packs when he was a child in Pennsylvania. He started collecting and built his collection up to 7,178. It will be auctioned with an estimated inhale of $72,000.

From The Associated Press:
Johnny Cash jumpsuit brings $50,000 at auction

Johnny Cash didn’t even wear the blue jumpsuit at concerts, only when he practiced. Maybe the Belgian collector wanted it so much because the singer of “I Walk the Line” went a wee bit off the line when he gave the finger to a photographer while in the embroidered jumpsuit. The picture was then used in a Billboard magazine ad. Whatever the case, there was a bidding war at the Julien’s Auctions sale, and the collectible went for 10 times what was expected.

From New York magazine:
Auction House Hopes to Make $9,000 Off Queen Elizabeth II’s Underpants

In items-of-clothing-to-be-auctioned news, all we can say is oy vay! Queen Elizabeth II left behind an unmentionable after a private plane ride to Chile in 1968. Someone found it, gave it to someone else, and now the underpants will be auctioned—with just a small stain.

From The Associated Press via The Wall Street Journal:
Rare ‘Star-Spangled Banner’ sells in NYC

There may be only 11 copies of the 1814 first edition of “The Star-Spangled Banner” left. And now one will be in a private collection. And how much did the collector need to shell out for this distinction? Did you guess more than $500,000? You’d be right if you did.

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