Weekly News Roundup: January 10 to January 14

Headlining art, antiques and collectibles news, we have lots of model trains, a reminder of a sad day and some portraits coming out of the closet.

From Bloomberg:
Model Trains Among $10 Million in Sotheby’s 27,000 Antique Toys

Jerry Greene, then 18, stuck a sign in his record-store window saying he was looking for train sets. Almost 60 years later, Greene’s collection contains 3,500 antique locomotives, along with train stations, figurines in 19th-century outfits, Ferris wheels and Prussian soldiers. Sotheby’s is estimating the collection, which will be sold as a single lot, will bring in $10 million. Noel Barrett, an appraiser and president of Noel Barrett Antiques & Auctions, is predicting more on the line of $40 to $50 million. Green is selling because he says he has collected “everything I could collect. The fun is in the search. I want to sell it, so that I have a clean basement. After this, I will collect something else.”

From The Herald Sun:
JFK ambulance going on the auction block in Arizona

Those who can remember that tragic November 22, 1963, also remember the sight of the Pontiac Bonneville ambulance transporting the casket containing the body of John F. Kennedy from Air Force One to Bethesda Naval Base. The ambulance and 16 other classic cars will be auctioned by Barrett-Jackson Auction January 17 in Scottsdale, Ariz.

From The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:
Carnegie Museum of Art auctions 5 George Romney portraits

The Carnegie Museum of Art in Pittsburgh kept five portraits by George Romney (the 18th-century painter, not the Michigan politician) stashed from public view for 80 years. Running out of storage space, the museum has turned the paintings over to Christie’s, which will put them on the block this month. One portrait, that of a Mrs. Bruce, was discovered to be altered. Someone must have found her décolletage too risqué and gave her a higher neckline.

From The Wall Street Journal:
John Lennon’s 1965 Ferrari 330 Up For Auction

The 1965 330 GT 2+2 Ferrari hasn’t proved to be very high on collectors’ wish lists. Maybe that will change with the blue 330 that Bonhams in London will be auctioning in February. The difference is John Lennon was a previous owner. The auction is hoping it will bring in between $155,000 and $220,000 even though highest price to date for the model has been $100,000. The lack of popularity is credited to it being a pretty ugly car.

From Bloomberg:
Gauguin Flowers to Top $169 Million Sale; Hirst Skull: Art Buzz

Far from ugly is Paul Gauguin’s “Nature morte a ‘L’Esperance,’” still life, which could bring is as much as $15-plus million at a Christie’s auction of Surrealist, Impressionist and modern art. Also on the block are works by Andre Derain and Georges Braque.

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