Weekly News Roundup: January 4 to January 8

Heading up art, antiques and collectibles news is a renowned political correspondent’s renowned wine collection, Koon and Hirst taking a hit and computers spotting fakes.

From The Washington Post:
R.W. Apple’s wife prepares to auction the legendary reporter’s wine collection

R. W. Apple Jr. was a longtime New York Times political writer and voracious gourmet. In his far-flung travels, he had amassed a wine cellar of thousands of bottles by the time of his death in 2006. His wife, Betsey, is putting the wine up for auction. Among the prizes are a couple of bottles of 1945 Chateau Lafite.

From Bloomberg:
Koons, Hirst Prices Drop 50%; May Take Next Decade to Recover

Once the favorites of the auction world, Jeff Koons and Damien Hirst works took a mighty dip in 2009. Instead, buyers with deep pockets went after Art Deco furniture, tried-and-true Old Masters, works by Chinese artists and modernist classics from the last century. Before you get out the violins, keep in mind that Koons auctions in the first half of 2008 brought in $117.2 million with Hirst taking in the top dollar for the rest of year with $178.5 million.

From BBC News:
Computer method ‘spots art fakes’

Technology to the rescue. Sometimes it is very difficult to spot a forgery. Now, a program has been developed that analyzes an artist’s works mathematically. There is some question whether a Jackson Pollack with all its splashes and splotches can be similarly analyzed.

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