Weekly News Roundup: July 19-July 23

In this week’s art, antiques and auction news, we find three Hollywood superstars—Charlie Chaplin, Lucille Ball and Trigger.

From the Telegraph:
Long lost Charlie Chaplin film found at antiques fair

Before Charlie Chaplin became one of movie’s first superstars, he appeared in a 10-minute Keystone Kops short playing—what else?—a cop. The 1914 film went MIA and was forgotten. Forgotten, that is, until Paul Gierucki, an historian specializing in the cinema, bought an old movie reel at auction. Thinking it was nothing valuable, he didn’t even bother looking at it for months. But when he did, there was Chaplin swinging a nightstick. The short, “A Thief Catcher,” was to be shown last weekend at the Slapsticon festival in Virginia.

From The Associated Press:
Auctioneer: Daughter will get Lucille Ball awards

It was a family feud, Hollywood style. Lucille Ball was married to Desi Arnaz. The power couple had two children—Lucie and Desi, Jr. Ball and Arnaz divorced in 1960, and she later married comedian Gary Morton. So far, so good. Lucy died in 1989 (three years after Desi). Lucy’s widower Gary remarried seven years later. He died 1999. Recently, his widow, Susie, decided to auction some Ball memorabilia that was in the house that Lucy had lived in with Morton and later where Susie lived. Following this? The hitch was Lucie—now Lucie Arnaz Luckinbill—protested. There were love letters her mother had written along with awards she had received. Lucie went to court to stop the auction. End result? Lucie gets the awards, but not the letters.

From The Boot:
Roy Rogers’ Trigger Follows ‘Happy Trails’ to New Home

Update: The new owner of Trigger, the palomino stuffed by original owner Roy Rogers, is a cable operator in Omaha, Neb. The fellow paid $266,500 for the rearing horse. (Did you know that Trigger was supposedly able to walk 50 feet on his hind legs?) Also sold at the Christie’s auction of the King of the Cowboys’ memorabilia was a stuffed Buttercup, Dale Evan’s horse ($25,000), and a stuffed Bullet, the valiant German shepherd ($35,000). Guess Dale was lucky Roy predeceased her.

From NBC News:
Sold! To the Auction House Doorman

For 32 years, Gil Perez has been opening doors for the rich, famous and very rich going in to bid at Christie’s auction house. He knows the first names of thousands of clients, and everyone knows his first name. Every so often, Gil deserts his post to place some bids himself. Over the years, never paying more than a couple of thousand dollars, he has won some paintings and porcelains. But alas, his “luck” wasn’t good enough to snag some of Roy Rogers’ shirts at the recent auction. Back to opening the door.

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