Weekly News Roundup: June 13 to June 17

In art, antiques and collectibles news, we find a royal Rolls, presidential opera glasses and Derek Jeter’s hitting record.

From The Daily Mail:
Rolls-Royce once owned by Princess Margaret and Burt Reynolds to go up for auction

When you’re a princess of the realm, you get to have your private secretary be very specific about how you’d like your new Rolls. Princess Margaret, the tabloid favorite younger sister of Queen Elizabeth, wanted “soft and comfortable seats” in the 1975 Silver Shadow she was ordering. And she wanted “a raised rear floor for easier access; leather trimmed (instead of wood veneered) door cappings; flat side indicators fitted in line with chromed body mouldings; Nuella Black hide interior; and Cardinal Red paintwork with contrasting gold coachlines.” Guess what. She got wanted what she wanted. The long-wheelbase limo, with only 75,000 miles on it, is expected to sell for between $32,000 and $35,000 at a Bonham’s auction Saturday. Seems like a steal considering a new one pushes $450,000.

From The Daily Mail:
Own the opera glasses Abraham Lincoln carried the night he was assassinated as Civil War memorabilia goes up for auction

There was an old joke in the book-publishing industry that if you wanted a sure-fire bestseller, put out a book on Lincoln’s doctor’s dog. All things Lincoln seem to do well at auction today. Now we have the opera glasses that the president had with him on the night of his assassination. Supposedly, the glasses landed on the ground when the president was being taken to the hospital and were picked up by an army officer. Presale estimate: as much as $700,000.

From Bloomberg:
Derek Jeter’s 3,000th-Hit Ball for Yankees Might Bring $250,000 at Auction

As of this week, Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter has had 2,994 hits. The ball used when he makes 3,000 will be worth more than a pretty penny. More like 25 million pennies. Presently on the 15-day disabled list, fans hoping to claim the prize will have to wait. It’s hard to believe, but Jeter, who has only played for the Yankees in his long major-league career, will be the first Bronx Bomber to reach the 3,000 mark.

From The Associated Press via Auction Central News:
Balloon Boy parents extend auction for balloon

It may have not been the OJ-white Bronco chase, but TV viewers were glued to their screens as the National Guard and local authorities pursued a helium filled-balloon that reportedly was carrying a 6-year-old boy as high as 7,000 feet. When the contraption came to earth an hour later, there was no boy. He was found at his parents’ Fort Collins, Co., home. Hoaxer mommy and daddy did jail time and are now trying to auction the balloon, setting a minimum of $1 million. They received offers below that or (fittingly) prank bids. So they extended the deadline. You now have until Friday to acquire this piece of Americana.

From Lead 411:
WorthPoint earns “Hottest Companies in Georgia” award

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