Weekly News Roundup: March 1 to March 5

In arts, antiques and collectibles news, Batman bests Superman, a buyer is revealed and classic-car sales are zooming.

From The Washington Post:
Batman, Superman comic books set records for sale price

Holy auction price, Batman! We beat Superman’s first-edition appearance, which went for $1 million. Your debut brought in $1,075,500. Let’s go celebrate in the Bat Cave.

From Bloomberg:
Lily Safra Paid $103.4 Million for Giacometti, Dealers Say

The mystery buyer of that record-setting Giacometti is no longer a mystery. It’s been revealed that Lily Safra walked away with “Walking Man I.” The $100-million sale price is almost chump change to the widow of banker Edmond Safra. Forbes estimates she’s worth $1 billion. Safra died in an arson fire in his Monte Carlo apartment in 1999. His male, ex-Green Beret nurse, who said he started the fire with the intent to rescue Safra and be rewarded for that, was sentenced to 10 years in jail.

From Bloomberg:
Ferrari 250 GTO to Boost $100 Million Private Classic-Car Sales

The year 2010 has been very, very, VERY good for antique car sales, and it’s only the beginning of March. So far, private classic-car sales have brought in $100 million, and a 1963 Ferrari 250 GTO could add another $20 million. This model is one of only 36 manufactured in 1962 and 1963 and can reach a speed of 170 mph.

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