Weekly News Roundup: March 28 to April 1

In art, antiques and collectibles news is a reminder to get solid authentication, Elizabeth Taylor items hitting the block and a clever thief caught up in his own greed.

From Reuters:
Mayan relic sold for $4 million is a fake?

Well, if you’re going to fake something, you might want to do some research. A purportedly Pre-Columbian statue of a Mayan warrior brought in $4 million at auction last week. The sale caught the interest of Mexico’s National Institute of Anthropology and History. Experts there studied the catalog and noticed that the warrior in question did not have the right height, posture or boot straps for the period. Moreover, the same experts deemed 66 other items bogus.

From Reuters:
Warhol’s Elizabeth Taylor portrait to be auctioned

From WMUR Manchester:
Liz Taylor Love Notes Up For Auction

And so it begins. Elizabeth Taylor has been dead only a week, and already the rush to auction has begun. Andy Warhol’s “Liz #5” hits the block in May. Phillips de Pury’s head of contemporary art Michael McGinnis says the 1963 portrait is “Warhol at his very best with a perfect screen, glowing colors, and impeccable provenance. She is classic yet every bit as cutting edge as she was when Warhol painted her nearly 50 years ago.” The second auction is not quite so high end. Seventeen-year-old Elizabeth Taylor was smitten with 28-year-old William Pawley Jr., so smitten that she became engaged to the son of a well-off American ambassador to Peru. The engagement didn’t last long as the young Liz quickly went on to marry Nicky Hilton. Sixty-six love letters written by Taylor are being offered in May.

From The Telegraph:
Burglar joined National Trust to ‘case’ stately homes before break-ins

Graham Geoffrey Harkin came up with an ingenious way to check out British mansions before robbing them. He joined the National Trust so that he could receive discounts, as well as scout places from which he intended to steal precious items. He got away with antiques worth almost $2 million. He was caught by his own greed. Harkin tried to collect a $32,000 reward for a clock he stole and kept for safekeeping in the trunk of his car.

From The Herald Sun:
Royal couple to be coined

Do you want a piece of the William-Kate collectibles action? Now’s your chance. The Royal Australian Mint has come out with a queen-approved coin celebrating the royal engagement. On one side is the betrotheds’ names, on the other, Queen Elizabeth’s image. Bet a lot of people would have preferred a likeness of Kate.

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