Weekly News Roundup: March 29 to April 2

Sifting through arts, antiques and collectibles news, we find a painting from Princess Diana’s childhood home, a portrait of George Washington selling high and likewise for a first-edition Orwell.

From Bloomberg:
Princess Diana’s Family Selling Rubens in $29 Million Clearout

Princess Diana gazed upon it as a child. Now her family is putting the 17th-century Rubens on the block along with another 600 lots. It is thought the Rubens will gavel down at between $12 million and $18 million.

From WGRZ.com:
Washington Portrait Goes for $1 Million in Rochester

Still another example of you might not know the value of what is hanging on your wall—or, perhaps, what’s hanging on your mother’s wall. And still another reason why you might want to contact a Worthologist to check out your potential treasures. In this case, a fellow had his mother’s estate appraised 10 years ago, including a portrait of the father of our country. The son could trace the family’s ownership of the picture back to his great-grandfather, but it could have been painted far earlier. As it turns out, mom’s portrait of George Washington was worth a nice million dollars.

First edition Orwell book sells for £86,000

As long as you’re looking around the house, you might want to check out your bookshelf. An autographed edition of George Orwell’s “Down and Out in Paris and London”—that’s the book in which he described working as a dishwasher and living in poverty. This particular copy brought in a non-poverty $128,000.

From Bloomberg:
Rothschild Bride’s Turner Landscape May Sell for $26.7 Million

Oh, as if the Rothschilds don’t have enough money. Now the bride of one of the scions is putting up for sale a J. M. W. Turner painting. A possible additional $26.7 million could be added to the debit account.

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