Weekly News Roundup: October 11 to October 15

John Lennon tops this week’s art, antiques and collectibles news along with an ancient Roman helmet and a Chinese vase that evoked childhood memories.

From the New York Times:
Before Auction, Lennon Has Brush With the F.B.I.

John Lennon died almost 30 years ago, yet the FBI still has him on its radar. Lennon was fingerprinted in 1976 when he was applying for U.S. citizenship. The card was set to be auctioned when a G-man showed up outside Gotta Have It! in New York City. The FBI wanted the card pulled and finally got a subpoena and the fingerprints. “If it was anybody else’s fingerprint card,” the owner of the store said, “I wouldn’t hear from anybody.”

From The Associated Press:
Roman helmet auctioned for more than $3 million

A guy in his 20s was out in the English countryside with his metal detector last May. The detector did its thing indicating something was buried. The something turned out to be a 2,000-year-old Roman cavalry helmet. The payout for the lucky find? $3.6 million.

From Bloomberg:
Chinese Battle for $32.6 Million Vase Lifts Sotheby’s to Hong Kong Record

When you’re the director of multiple Chinese companies, you can afford to satisfy a whim or two. For instance, going after—with wallet wide open—a Chinese vase you remember from your childhood that belonged to a family friend. So it was with Alice Cheng at Sotheby’s Hong Kong auction. She wanted the vase and paid five times more than the presale estimate.

From The Chicago Tribune:
Sammy Sosa’s corked bat barrel found, up for auction

Chicago Cubs slugger Sammy Sosa maintained he never meant to use that illegal bat in the 2003 game against the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. He had it to put on a hitting display before the game and picked it up accidentally. Be that as it may, Sosa had the misfortune of the bat cracking during the game, exposing cork in the barrel. The barrel then went missing. It turns out that Cubs pitcher Mike Remlinger picked it up and kept it all these years. Remlinger is now selling the infamous keepsake, and the auction house is guessing it may go for more than $10,000.

From Bloomberg:
Daimler May Make $16 Million From New York Sale of Koons Balloon Sculpture

Daimler AG, which gives us Mercedes-Benz luxury cars, is now giving us a Jeff Koons sculpture. Giving to us who can afford to bid on the piece from Daimler’s corporate collection. Christie’s is including “Balloon Flower (Blue)” in its November contemporary-art sale.

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