Weekly News Roundup: October 25 to October 29

In art, antiques and collectibles news, some boo-tiful auction results, a possible new owner of Christie’s and basketball’s original gentlemanly rules.

From The Philadelphia Inquirer:
Antiques: Vintage Halloween collectibles can be scary valuable

If you are interested in Halloween collectibles, you might want to check out Morphy Auctions, not far from Philadelphia. Some spooky, and expensive, items were gaveled down in its September sale. A devil’s-head lantern made in Germany went for $4,600. A set of six nodding figures—cat, devil, witch and pumpkin heads—brought in $10,350. And if you were looking for strange, a lantern shaped like a human foot, complete with a sole adorned with a happy face, also fetched 10,350.

From CNN:
Diamond Sold for $15.7 million sets record price per carat

When an Asian collector beat out a European bidder for a rare blue-diamond ring at a Christie’s auction, a record was set. Back in 1972, the ring was bought for a mere $1 million as a gift following the birth of a child. The entire auction last week brought in $52.5 million.

From Reuters:
Qatar eyes Christie’s auction house – FT

Speaking of Christie’s, it’s now owned by French billionaire François Pinault (also known as Salma Hayek’s father-in law), but maybe not for long. The ruler of the Arab state of Qatar has indicated interest in the auction house. Why? “We are building a museum,” Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani said, ”and [Christie’s] has links with the stuff we are collecting for our museum.” If only the rest of us could afford such stuff.

From The New York Times:
Naismith’s Rules of the Game Set to Be Auctioned

Just in time for the tipoff of the NBA season, the two pages of basketball rules as the game’s creator, James Naismith, set forth back in 1891 will be auctioned by Sotheby’s in December. According to those first rules, there would be no “shouldering, holding, pushing or striking.” Hmm. Be sure to check out Mrs. Naismith’s shooting form.

From Y! buzz:
The Lost Book of Dr. Seuss Sells at Auction

UPDATE: As reported last week, a Dr. Seuss manuscript was going on the block. The presale estimate was $1,500. Postsale price? More than $34,000. Not bad for a story that Dr. Seuss didn’t think was good enough to publish.

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