Weekly News Roundup: September 13 to September 17

In art, antiques and collectibles headlines this week are some big bird prints up for auction along with props used in an Oscar-winning film and a memorable costume worn by Marilyn Monroe.

From The Mirror (U.K.):
A twitch in time..

A rare copy of John James Audubon’s “Birds of America” will hit the block at Sotheby’s and is expected to bring in more than $9 million. Another copy was sold 10 years ago for $8.8 million. The prints are full sized and measure 3 feet by 2 feet.

From UPI:
‘Ten Commandments’ up for auction

You saw the movie (maybe). Now own the very tablets that Charlton Heston hoisted in the Academy Award-winning film, “The Ten Commandments.” They are part of the same auction that includes Lady Liberty’s nose, “The Maltese Falcon” statuette used in the Humphrey Bogart flick and yes, a hat worn by Michael Jackson.

From Knoxvillebiz.com:
With no buyer, Debbie Reynolds’ Hollywood memorabilia to go to auction

In more Hollywood memorabilia news, Debbie Reynolds’ vast collection looks to be headed to auction. The star of “Singin’ in the Rain” had hoped to open a museum to house her many items, but the deal fell through. Included is that va-va-va-voom skimpy costume worn by Marilyn Monroe in “Bus Stop.”

From Forbes:
Beating Big Auction Houses At Their Own Game

Leila Dunbar worked for years in the Sotheby’s sports collectibles division. Then the economy tanked, and Sotheby’s cut back on that part of its business. Dunbar saw her staff go from 16 to 2 and more importantly, the amount of merchandise she had to sell reduced. Undaunted, Dunbar bid the auction house adieu and set up her own business appraising items she once sold. An informative story on turning that proverbial lemon into lemonade.

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