Weekly News Roundup: September 27 – October 1

Art, antiques and collectibles news items include some fab-u-lous jewels, items that swindler Bernard Madoff won’t have much use for in jail and the Statue of Liberty’s schnozzle.

From NPR:
Jewels Owned By Wallis Simpson On Show Before Sale

The Duchess of Windsor may not have become queen of England, but a compensation was the fabulous jewels she amassed over the decades, some of which she designed. Sotheby’s will be auctioning 20 from her collection at the end of November. Their presale estimate is $4.7 million. To whet buyer interest—or maybe to get a lot of women jealous—the house will take the jewels on the road exhibiting them in London, Hong Kong, New York and Geneva.

From the New York Daily News:
Ponzi schemer Bernard Madoff’s Steinway piano on auction block

If movies can have sequels, why not the federal marshals’ auction of Bernie Madoff’s items? If you missed the first sale, which brought in $1 million, get ready for the second. Madoff II will be online and live November 13. Proceeds go to repaying the $65 million Madoff defrauded from investors.

From the Associated Press:
Cast of Lady Liberty’s nose unsold at NYC auction

Poor Lady Liberty, a cast of her nose didn’t attract buyers. However, the stuff that dreams are made of, the Maltese Falcon prop from the 1941 Bogart film, got snapped up for $325,000 by a group that included Leonardo DiCaprio.

From Bloomberg:
Lehman $12.3 Million Art Sale Picks `Long Way Home’ Over `We’ve Got Style’

Don’t feel too bad Lady Liberty. You weren’t the only one passed over. No one, repeat no one bid on a Damien Hirst cabinet that was thought would go for more than $1 million at the Lehman Brothers auction. Funny thing is the day Lehman went belly up, a piece from the Hirst studio went for a breathtaking $200 million. Such are the vagaries of the art world.

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