Worthologist to Be Featured on CBS’s ‘Inside Edition’ Thursday, Sept. 22

Some of the pieces of Worthologist Rebekah Kaufman's Steiff collection.

What’s it worth? That’s a question we all have when it comes to valuing our special vintage items. Especially during these tough economic times when everyone could use some extra dollars!

WorthPoint was contacted by CBS’s “Inside Edition” to help with a story on selling family treasures. Longtime U.S. and U.K. Worthologist Rebekah Kaufman, who specializes in vintage Steiff and European plush Teddy bears, dolls and stuffed animals, worked with the program to help educate consumers about things they should know about their collectibles—Steiff and otherwise—if they are considering selling them to dealers and other businesses for a cash payment.

Much of it all comes down to “know before you go!” It is imperative that anyone even thinking about moving treasures along knows what they have before considering an offer.

“Working with a WorthPoint Worthologist is a completely solid way to get an idea of what you have and what it’s worth,” said Kaufman. “The $19.99 fee can more than pay for itself many, many times over when it comes to selling decisions. As always, knowledge is power . . . or at least empowering!”

In addition, Kaufman suggests contacting the company that made the item for more information, uploading a picture and description of the item on a few Facebook fan pages that have to do with the item and asking fans for help, posting an inquiry on the WorthPoint or other collectible forums pages, or contacting bloggers who seem to have subject knowledge expertise on the item in question.

Make sure to check Inside Edition on Thursday, Sept. 22, 2011 on the CBS network to see the program and to learn more. For more information on vintage Steiff, check out Rebekah’s articles on WorthPoint or on her Steiff blog.


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