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WorthPoint Launches New Marks & Library Site for Dealers and Collectors

by WorthPoint Staff (01/16/12).

A piece of pottery that features a fern and leaves and the letters “E.S. U.S.A.” When searched in the Marks database, we discover the mark if from Ernest Sohn Creations, which contracted with Red Wing Potteries to produce two lines of dinnerware items in the late 1950s and early 1960s.

WorthPoint has launched a new Marks & Library website to provide two new services for antiques dealers and collectors—WorthPoint Marks, for detailed information on identifying artist, manufacturer and makers’ marks, and the WorthPoint Digital Library, which contains content covering a wide spectrum of history and background on specialty items.

The WorthPoint Digital Library contains roughly 130 antiques and collectibles titles from F+W Media, offering detailed information on a wide range of collecting topics, while WorthPoint Marks offers a database with more than 40,000 marks and hallmarks for ceramics, metals, glass and other categories of antiques and collectibles. Both services will continue to add new reference books and marks monthly.

Will Seippel, CEO and founder of WorthPoint, said the company has plans to include visual recognition-based searches, a first in the industry. “That will make WorthPoint the undisputed leading resource for marks information as well as value data,” he said.

Subscribers to the Digital Library will be able to track their reading and place books or articles on their personalized reference shelves, bookmark pages, highlight passages, keep notes and—for some of the books—purchase printed editions.

The WorthPoint Marks and WorthPoint Digital Library will be offered as standalone services to begin with and will be integrated with the main WorthPoint site at a later date. “We would have preferred these services be integrated with right now,” Seippel said, “But our subscribers told us they wanted access to them immediately and are willing to wait for integration.”

The new WorthPoint sites are available on a subscription basis, starting at $12.99 per month for WorthPoint Marks, while the WorthPoint Digital Library is available at $14.99 per month. Existing WorthPoint subscribers will be offered a discounted subscription, and there is a free trial available to test-drive the services before subscribing.

The Marks and Lirbary website will also feature new content, including overview articles on how to look for and use various marks, as well as articles on how to find and use specific marks, such as the “Kite” or “Diamond” marks used on British ceramics in the mid to late 19th century.

For a tutorial on how WorthPoint’s Marks & Library site works, view this video:




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2 Responses to “WorthPoint Launches New Marks & Library Site for Dealers and Collectors”

  1. NANCY NUNLEY says:


    • First let me say, that I am not being critical, just stating the facts, (mine). I would have to find the “MONA LISA” to pay for all the websites that charge for this & that, information is at a premium, I understand that, & U websites charge for a service $$$$$$$ for the lazy person who wants it NOW. I feel that I am like YOGI BEAR, just a little bit smarter than the average bear, I can find any information on the web FREE, with just a little work, & a lot of common sense. My system of picking has worked wonderfully, (65 years), & all around the world. I take the fast Nickel & leave the slow Dime for those who refuse to search for the information. Maybe I should write a column for U guys, my philosophy on picking & finding the GOODIES would blow U right out of the water. Remember, the WW11 Motto, “Loose lips sink ships”. Thanks for letting me state my point of view. Billy

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