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WorthPoint Services Draw Raves from Customers

by WorthPoint Staff (06/05/12).

People use for many different purposes every day, from researching items they own or are antiques and collectibles dealers who are looking for help pricing objects they want to sell. In fact, with more than 140,000 daily visitors to, we know that our site is used and valued by the amateur and professional alike. And it is very rewarding when we hear from folks who use our products—be it the Worthopedia, our Ask a Worthologist service, our new Marks and Digital Library site or GoAntiques, our vertical antique mall—and sing their praises.

Just this week we heard from three people who have found what they were looking for from WorthPoint. We’d like to share their stories with you:

Antiques Dealer Profits from Worthopedia

“I rarely ever take the time to submit a letter praising a service, but this one is necessary. I am the owner of River Region Coins & Collectibles, as well as other coin stores, and we have many items that come through our doors every day. Normally we try to research historical items on eBay, but on many occasions the item cannot be found or there are many “Buy It Now” listings, which fail to give us a realistic market value.

We also research items online but the time and effort involved is extreme at best and very frustrating. And actually finding the true value of an item is impossible without flipping through value books that tend to become obsolete within a year due to trend and market changes. It seems like every time we researched something in the past it would pop up on our screen as available for view through your website. Many times we just winged it using our instincts and sometimes we would win, but we have also gotten burned, too.

A 1950 official World Series program. Yankees vs. Phillies.

I had some issues getting set up my account online but was able to get in touch with your customer service and your man Jason, who represented the company very professionally. I would rate my contact with him as the best customer service anywhere, bar none. No waiting on computers and typing in prompts or getting forwarded 10 times. I got a live person and he more than took care of us.

We have been a member for about a week now and your site has already paid off for us. For example, we had some 1950s-era New York Yankees World Series memorabilia come in. Many times we would have passed on this kind of stuff, since the market value and demand for this kind of stuff has dwindled over the past few years. We researched the items on your website and found a few of the items to be a gold mine. We have already bought and flipped many of the items at a pretty fair profit. Not only that, but our storeroom is cram-packed with articles that we have purchased. We have been researching these items on WorthPoint and have found several that had sold recently in auctions at mind blowing prices. We have been able to accurately price some of these items and they have sold as well.

We are also able to print old auction details from your site and show them to customers to push them back to reality when their item is not worth what they think it is. We have also printed out copies of auction results and affixed them to some of our higher-end items so customers can see that our prices are fair and current. EBay used to be our most-used and visited site but we now use WorthPoint 10 times more than we utilize eBay resources.

In closing, I want to commend your company and the great customer service that I received from Jason. There is no way that anyone in the business of buying and reselling can be without WorthPoint. Not only will your site help us avoid overpaying for items, it will also allow us to accurately price and move our merchandise much more efficiently.

The possibilities with your website are absolutely endless and I do not see how we survived without it for this many years. In the first week of having your program, I would conservatively say that it has made us more than $4,000 in profit. We are members for life and I have gone out of my way contacting other dealers and telling them about your site.”

— Todd Townson, owner
River Region Coin & Collectibles
Prattville, Ala.

Yard Sale Survivalist Touts WorthPoint for Valuations

A man we know only as Will the Yard Sale Survivalist talks about some of the things he picked up in a recent foray into the world of yard and garage sales, and then talks about how he used WorthPoint to help him discover what exactly it is that he just purchased:

“It’s always a good idea to know what an item is worth before you sell it. I’ve been using WorthPoint to find out what some things are going for.”

— Will
Yard Sale Survivalist

Listen to Will in his own words:


Ask A Worthologist Report Well-Received

Spills and Thrills” by renowned equestrian artist Paul Brown.

Tammi, a WorthPoint user from Pennsylvania, used the Ask a Worthologist service to get an evaluation on a book titled “Spills and Thrills” by renowned equestrian artist Paul Brown. It was a signed and numbered limited first edition with an original pencil sketch and additional note from author.

Worthologist and antique book expert Liz Holderman examined the digital photos that were included in the request, Liz sent back a detailed report giving some history about the author, other books he had written and illustrated, recent asking and sales prices and information about insurance. After receiving the report, Tammi wrote back to us:

“Wow! What an in depth report, much more than I expected for the cost of the evaluation! Thank you so much! We will definitely be using the WorthPoint evaluations in the future. I apologize for the delayed response but my work schedule has been so busy that today is the first opportunity to read the report. Simply amazing.”

— Tammi
Norristown, Pa.

We always love to hear from our customers. If you would like to share your experience with WorthPoint, e-mail us at


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  1. I’m interested in learning more about Worthpoint, as I have many Antique & Vintage items I would like to sell. I’ve tried everything possible with, very little or no success. Please share your success stories. Thanks

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