WorthPoint Teams with Colnect to Help Members Catalogue Their Collections

WorthPoint—the place to help you discover your hidden wealth—has teamed up with Colnect.com, the place to help you organize, catalogue and search for items in your collection.

Colnect—available in 49 languages to collectors from around the world—provides a comprehensive collectibles catalog. The catalog is a wiki, created by contributing collectors on the free Web site. It is expected to replace most (if not all) printed catalogs by providing more up-to-date accurate information.

Colnect allows members to easily manage their personal collection by creating swap and wish lists using the catalog and to easily coordinate a swap with other collectors whom they are unable to meet. Colnect’s unique Auto-Matching feature can save you many hours of your time.

Many collectors use Colnect without registering and enjoy the free catalogs offered on the site, but thousands have taken advantage of the free membership to manage their personal collection with Colnect.

As part of the cooperative effort between Colnect and WorthPoint, WorthPoint members are eligible for free Premium membership on Colnect. Free members of WorthPoint will receive 1 month for free by clicking here, while WorthPoint paying members will receive two months for free by clicking here.

“We are excited to introduce WorthPoint to our collectors on Colnect” said Amir Wald, Colnect’s founder. “Valuations based on WorthPoint’s Worthopedia and Ask-a-Worthologist are bound to be of high value to our members.”


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