100 Lot POKEMON card 1x ex LV.x star holo rare included

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  • Sold Date: Apr 01, 2009
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This auction is for 100x Pokemon cards including ONE (1x) LV.X, ex, or star card!

This auction is NOT for all of the cards pictured. The pictures show the special cards I have, ONE of the cards pictured has been included in each set. Please don't bid unless you read and understand what's included in this auction.

This set is guarenteed to include at least:

- One LV.x, or ex, or star card ; the set you will receive will include ONE (1x) of the cards shown in the pictures. I have listed all the special cards that headline each set. You will receive one of the cards from the list of ex, lv.x and star cards listed below. Condition is variable, but all are in excellent condition, most are mint.

+ at least 5 rare holographic , or rare reverse holo cards, mostly from newer sets like Diamond and Pearl sets.

+ at least 6 rare non-holo cards.

+ at least 5 common or uncommon holo or reverse holo cards.

+ at least 83 more common and uncommon cards from a variety of sets, mostly newer, a few old maybe, nearly no duplications of any card, all in at least very good condition, most mint. Some sets have more rares and holos, thus fewer commons so the total remains at 100.

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Please take a look at my feedback as a seller. I have a great history and am selling these cards because I don't need them anymore, and to make other kids happy.

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I have built all of these sets, over 50 sets of 100 cards each; you will receive one of these sets at random; no asking for a particular card please, but don't worry. I have not held back any of my high end holos, and I have added some extra rare cards to the sets containing lower value ex's; several of these sets include a Charizard for example. If you want a particular card please ask but it will be a separate deal, these sets are random.

Add an optional Birthday gift card with Pokemon League badge pin for $4.00, to see these cards look for one of my Birthday gift packages amoung my other items for sale, I show the cards t Don't buy a card at the store until you see my cards!

I list the type of card (lv.x, ex, or star), the set the card comes from, then the card. You will receive ONE of the cards below, plus 99 other cards not listed below.

Level X’s LV.X


Machamp lv.x 98/100

Ex list


Rayquaza ex 102/107

Crobat ex 96/107

Sharpedo ex 104/107

Legend Maker

Flygon ex 87/92

Armaldo ex 84/92

Dragon Frontiers

Latias ex 95/101

Flygon ex 92/101

Gardevoir ex 93/101

Latios ex 96/101

Salamence ex 98/101

Rayquaza ex 97/101

Kingdra ex 94/101

Dragonite ex 91/101

Tyranitar ex 99/101

Altaria ex 90/101

Crystal Guardians

Shiftry ex 97/100

Sceptile ex 96/100

Kyogre ex 95/100

Swampert ex 98/100

Groudon ex 93/100

Delcatty ex 91/100

Power Keepers

Metagross ex 95/108

Shiftry ex 97/108

Flygon ex 94/108

Salamence ex 96/108

Walrein ex 99/108

Claydol ex 93/108

Absol ex 92/108

Holon Phantoms

Mew ex 100/110

Crawdaunt ex 99/110

Mightyena ex 101/110

Delta Species

Jolteon ex 109/113

Vaporeon ex 110/113

Flareon ex 108/113

Fire Red Leaf Green

Clefable ex 106/112

Unseen Forces

Rocket’s Persian ex 116/115


Altaria ex 90/106

Ruby Sapphire

Scyther ex 102/109

POP cards

Ho-Oh ex 17/17 POP 3

Celebi ex 17/17 POP 2

Star cards

Espeon star 16/17 Pop series 5 (POP 5)

Umbreon star 17/17 Pop series 5 (POP 5)

Mew star 101/101

Jolteon star 101/108

Flareon star 100/108

Black star PROMO

Rayquaza ex 039

47 different...