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  • Sold Date: Aug 16, 2007
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This is a fully restored 1934 Rockola World Series Baseball Pinball. It is all mechanical which makes it very cool to play, no electronics on this one. This was completely stripped and dissassembled for restoration. The cabinet was painted to match about as close to the original as you will every find. T is even the smallest specs of metallic speckles in the paint as the original had. Hundreds of hours went into this restoration. All metal parts on cabinet were replated. The game stands on four square legs with Art Deco-styled metal flanges securing the legs to the body . It plays perfectly, uses a 5 cent coin slider. I think you would hard pressed to find another one that is a restored one in such nice condition. Pictures do not do justice to this game. It does have a reproduction marquee and new front door. Below is desciption of the play I found online. Any questions please ask before auction ends. The legs can be removed and it can be shipped by UPS. The dimensions of the machine are 35-3/4" long, 18" wide and 46" tall. Please note: Due to the size and/or weight of this lot, the cost of shipping may be substantial Buyer is responsible for all shipping and insurance charges. Feel free to call me, I will be happy to answer any questions, this is one of my personal machines and I restored it. Bert .

Description of Play

Rockola's World Series (1934) allows you to p

The player first inserts a nickel and pushes in the coin slide to start the game. The tilt indicator, put t to discourage aggressive shaking of the game is reset and any runners left on base or runners that have scored from the previous game are ejected and disappear under the playfield.

The player loads the first ball by pushing in the ball lift plunger and shoots the ball with the ball shooter. The ball makes a complete circuit of the playfield, surpring many players, and then drops into the top portion of the playfield. it bounces from pin to pin, making its way to the tip table. the ball can drop into one of the out holes, causing an out, or it can fall into the balls or strikes slot. The player hopes the ball will travel down the middle of the area, through a gate, and will fall into the home plate hole of the diamond. Should it make it to home plate, the diamond will rotate the ball to first base, indicating a hit!

The diamond rotates the runner through successive hits around the diamond, to first, second, third, and finally home again. It is possible to surprise the player by rotating more than a single base as occasionally the diamond will rotate two, three or even four positions. These make it look like the batter got a double, triple, or even a home run.

Once the ball representing the runner has rotated past third base, the ball is slowly elevated out of the hole and is guided to the bottom of the playfield w the runs are counted. At the end of the game, a player can count the number of runs and add it to his score.

Should the first ball played only fall into the balls or strikes slots on either side of the center, these balls will show the batter's count. Notice how the third ball in the strike slot will roll off into the out hole. As you might expect, the third strike results in an out. Also note how the fourth ball will roll into the center lane, putting a man on first like a walk, just like in a real game! (Unfortunately, the game is unaware of a base on balls and will sometimes progress the walked batter two, three or even four bases. Oops.)

T are some other limits in the games ability to simu...
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