1958 Williams Turf Champ Animated Horse Race Pinball

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  • Sold Date: Dec 03, 2007
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1958 Williams Turf Champ Pinball Machine with a Six-Horse Animated Horse Race on the Playfield: And they're off! If you are a horseracing fan, love horses, or just like animated arcade and pinball machines from the 50's, Turf Champ may be the answer for you. The graphics depict horses and horseracing on the backglass, playfield, and best of all, in an animated six-horse horserace that progresses in the center of the playfield as you are playing the game! T are six horses that reset back to the starting line (nearest to the bottom of the playfield) and then "run" down the track as you hit certain targets on the playfield. The first one to reach the finish line (towards the top of the playfield) is the winner, while the second and third horses to finish "place" and "show," just like in real horseracing! At the start of each game, YOU are allowed to pick which horse will be yours to try and win the race. If your selected horse wins the race (or places or shows,) you are awarded free games depending upon how well you did. The number of free games is based on the final position of your horse. This machine is also very unique in that it doesn't count a score during the game! The play is COMPLETELY centered around the animated horserace. T is a nice strategy (and some skill) involved in trying to make your selected horse run down the track and win to be awarded some replays! The overall "look" that this machine offers will definitely add a nice touch to your gameroom or collection, especially if you're crazy about horses or animated arcade machines from this era. Although mechanically unshopped, it is playing through a game, but not at 100%. It appears to be mechanically complete, just a little dirty on the inside. This is another machine that has been sitting in storage for a while. Most targets are registering, though, with the flippers working and all six horses resetting at the start, and running during the game until one wins and a bell rings. A couple horses are moving a little slow, but as I played a few more games, they seemed to be getting better and better. The round pop bumpers seem to be sticky and need to have their contacts cleaned as they aren't always moving the correct horse. It is correctly keeping track of the number of balls that you played and goes to game over after the fifth ball is played, so it is showing real good signs of life, but will need a little attention in order to get everything working perfectly. Although the credit wheel is in place in the backbox, the wires to it have been disconnected. Because the machine is set on free play, I'm guessing the credit wheel may have been disconnected at the same time that it was converted over to free play. Reconnecting the credit wheel should allow free games to be won, if that is an issue for you, but in the meantime, nothing is affected in the game play by it being disconnected. The original backglass is in very nice shape. It does have a small bit of missing paint at the far bottom in the solid blue border (an unlit area,) but otherwise, only has a couple other minor nicks in the paint. The backside has been sealed to prevent any further problems with the paint. The colors are very bright and strong with no sign of any fading. All of the horse graphics are in great shape. The horses have names of Tim Tam, Needles, Bold Ruler, Head Man, Gallant Man, and Round Table. With a little bit of touchup in the solid blue area at the far bottom, this glass can be made to look nearly perfect. But in its current condition, it definitely won't disappoint you, I don't think. It looks VERY nice, but is short of perfect. The playfield paint is in pretty nice shape, with some small imperfections. T really isn't any wear, but t is a little bit of woodgrain cracking throughout, not real bad, but t T is also a little bit of chipping around the inserts in the lower playfield. Overall, although it's not perfect, it still looks pretty nice and presents itself well. All six of the round pop bumper daisy caps are in n...