21 Motorola Television Service Manuals 1949 - 50's TV

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This auction is for many Vintage Motorola Television & 1 Radio Service manuals.

This is original documentation. I found some 1949 dates and 1950 dates...

I do not know anything about vintage electronics but do see the model numbers progressing on the Service manuals so I believe this documentation started in 49 and progressed to 52 or so. The earlier items w dated 1959 and 1950. later most were not dated as the model number progressed but some manual ID numbers on the back end in 52 and I am guessing that may be the year. Regardless these are old and were the ones originally provided to the people who did the servicing back in those days.

I will describe each manual as I see it. This is a great collection for the Mororola collector or memorbilia collection. All are in pretty good shape. Lots of deep documentaion about that particular model or chasis in each one. All seem to have drawings, diagrams, detailed service information and some type of schematic. Many if not all have itemized parts lists with pricing for that day.

Many of them have 4 page fold out schematics suplimenting the manual. A couple (will be noted) actually have what I believe is a revised suplemental manual for the same model or chasis. Those will be grouped with the original. Almost all are three hole punched originally to be inserted in the binder used by the service technicians.

Each manual has a part number which is included if that helps you identify it. Pictures of the models that are supported in that particular manul are on the front of each manual.

The Service Manuals are as follows;

Motorola Home Radio Service Manual.-Record Changer. 15 pages. PT #54P601242 Model RC-37. Motorola Television Service Manual 18 pages. PT # 54P790211-A Models VF103, VF103M Chassis TS-8 Schematic TV & AM FM Radion Chasis TS-8 PT# 63E790202-0 Motorola Television Service Manual 32 pages. PT # 54P780232-A Models VT105, VT105M, VK106, VK106B, VK106M, VT107, VT107M Chassis TS-9, TS-9A, TS-9B, TS-9C, TS-9D Schematic (5) Chassis TS-9 PT# 63E485028-0, TS-9A PT#63e485028-A, TS-9B PT# 63E485028-B, TS-9C PT# 63E485028-C1, TS-9D PT# 63E485028-D Motorola Television Service Manual 31 pages. PT # 54P701245 Models 12T1, 12K2, 12T3, 12K1, 12K2, 12K3 Chassis TS-53 Schematic Chassis TS-53, Diag. PT# 63E700223-A Motorola Television Service Manual 20 pages. PT # 54P700207 Models 19K1, 19F1, 19F1B Chassis TS-67 Schematic Chassis TS-67 PT# 63E792390 Motorola Television Service Manual 24 pages. PT # 54P701284 Models 16K2, 16K2B Chassis TS-74 Schematic Chassis TS-74 Diag. # 63E700219 Motorola Television Service Manual 31 pages. PT # 54P701277 Models 16T1H, 16T1BH, 17T1A, 17T1BA, 17T2A, 17T2BA, 17K1A, 16K2BH, 16K2H, 17K1BA, 16F1H, 16F1BH Chassis TS-89, TS-94, TS-95 Service Manual Supplement, 8 pages, PT# 54P702100. Chassis - same, Models - 17F1A, 17F1BA, 17F2WA, 17F3BA, 17F4A, 17F5A, 17F5BA, 17K3A, 17K3BA, 17K4A, 17T3A Motorola Television Service Manual 15 pages. PT # 54P701918 Model 19K2, 19K2B, 19K3, 19K4, 19K4B Chassis TS-101 Schematic Chassis TS-101, Diag. # 63E701924 Motorola Television Service Manual 15 pages. PT # 54P701933 Model 14T3 Chassis TS-114 Schematic Chassis TS-114 Diag. #63E701926-0 Motorola Television Service Manual 24 pages. PT # 54P701914 Models 14K1H, 14K1BH Chassis TS-115 Schemtic Chassis TS-115 Diag. # 63E701285-0 Motorola Television Service Manual 23 pages. PT # 54P702111 Models 17F1, 17F1B, 17F2W, 17F3B, 17F4, 17F5, 17F5B, 17K3, 17K3B, 17T1, 17T1B, 17T2, 17T2B, 17T3 Chassis TS-118 Schemtic Chassis TS-118 Diag. # 63E701945-B Service Manual Supplement, 4 page Schematic foldout, Chassis TS-118A & B, Diag. # 63E710211-0 Motorola Television Service Manual 15 pages. PT # 54P701935 Models 20F1, 20F1B Chassis TS-119 Schemtic Chassis TS-119 Diag. # 63E701934-0 Service Manual Supplement, 7 page, PT # 54P702179, Models 19K2E, 19K2BE, 20F2, 20F2B, 20K1, 20K1B, 20K2, 20T1, 20T1B, Chassis TS-119, Schematic Diag. # 63E701934-B Motorola Television Service Manual 16 pages...