300 A to Z Camera Advertisements from 1888-1940 $10

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The Most Extensive Collection of Photographic Advertisements 100's from 1888-1940

Vintage Images

Only $10.00 for all Hundreds Ads

This is a reproduction of the actual size from the pages of the leading magazines of America from the 1880's to the 1920's. Reproduced in exact detail, but in black and white, into this unique compilition for photographic historians, and collectors of camera curios.

This is the table of contents in alphabetical order:

Acme, Adams Minex, Adlake Camera, Adlake Regular, Adlake Repeater, Adlake Special, Agfa Flash Lamp, American Folding Camera, Al-Vista Camera, Anthony's Magazine Camera, Ansco Memo Camera, Ansco Vest Pocket No. O, Aristo Printing Cabinet, Ascot, Cycle and Folding Cameras, Automatic Photographic Machine, Autotime Scales, Balopticon, Bass Chicago Motion Picture Cameras, Bass De Franne, Bass Liberty War Model, Bass Universal, Bausch and Lomb Balopticon, Bausch and Lomb Lucidograph, Block Notes Camera, Book Camera, Dr. Kruegner's Patent, Bo Peep B Camera, Bo Peep Folding, Boss Dandy Camera, Brownie, Brownie Enlarging Cameras No. 2, 3, 4, No. 1 Brownie, No. 2 Brownic, No. 2 Stereo Brownie Kodak, No. 3 Brownie Kodak, No. 2 Folding Brownie Camera, No. 2A, Folding Brownie Kodak, No. 3 Folding Brownie Kodak, No. 3A Folding Brownie Kodak, No. 2A Folding Pocket Brownie, Buckeye Cameras 1898-1899, Buckeye Cameras 1900, Bullet Cameras-1895, Bullet Cameras 1896, Bullet Cameras See Kodak Bullet, Bulls Eye, Carbine Reflex Camera, Carbutt's Dry Plates-1900, Carter's Guide and Encyclopedia01898, Century Cameras, Champion Improved Cameras, Champion Minute Photo Machine, Chic Magazine Camera, Cine Kodak 1928, Cine Kodak Model B 1925, Collinear Lenses, Comet Camera 1896, Contessa Nettel Cameras, Concarette, Duchessa, Duroli, Nettix, Piccolette, Rolico, Sonnet, Stere-Deckrullo Netttel Stereax, Unitak, Cooke Lenses, Cyclone Cameras, Cyclone Jr. 1898, Cyclone Improved Cyclone Magazine 1899, No.4,5, Magazine Cyclone No.1 - 1888, Dallon Developing Tank, Dayplate Camera, DeFranne Movie Camera, DeVry Home Movie Projector-1928, Eagle Flash Lamps, Eastman Dry Plate and Film Co., Eastman Walker Roll Holder-1887, Eastman Plate Tank, Ensign Folding Model Focal Plane Camera-1926, Ensignette Vest Pocket, Ermanox-1925, Ernemann Bob VX-1914, Eureka No.2 Camera-1897, Expo Watch Camera-1909, Eyemo, Falcon Camera No.2-1897, Filmo 70-1928, Filmo 75-1928, Flexo-1900, Folmer and Schwing, Glen Photographic Camera, Goerz Anshutz-1909, Goerz Coat Pocket Tenax-1914, Graflex Autograflex-1908, Graflex 1A Graflex-1910, Graflex 3A Graflex-1910, Graflex R.B.-1924, Natualist's Grflex, Press Graflex, Revolving Back Auto Graflex, Tourist Graflex-1904, Graphic Focal Plane Shutter, Graphic Jr.,and Sr., No. 0 Graphic-1924, No.0 Graphic Enlarging Camera, Speed Graphic0-1914, Hall Mirror Reflex Camera-1909, Hammer Dry Plates, Baby Hawk Eye, Combination Hawk Eye, Folding Hawk Eye-1895, Hawk Eye-1896, Hawk Eye-1895, Hawk Eye Detective - 1889, Hawk Eye Jr.-1896, Stereo Hawk Eye Model 3, Tourist Hawk Eye-1898, Tourist Hawk Eye-1900, No.1A Folding Hawk Eye, No.3 Folding Hawk Eye, No.3 Folding Hawk Eye, Model 4, No.3 Folding Hawk Eye, Model 7, No.3A Folding Hawk Eye, No.4 Folding Hawk Eye, No.4 Weno Hawk Eye, No.5 Weno Hawk Eye, No. 7 Weno Hawk Eye, Hayden Film Tank, Heidoscope-1923, Hess Ives Hicro Cameras-1916, Hetherington Magazine Cameras-1892, Ica Polyscope-1923, Ica Stereolette-1923, Ica Victrix-1923, Icarette A-1924, Ingento Camera Folding No.3, Kamaret-1891, Kilburn Gun Camera-1886, Kinetoscope, Parlor-1900, Kodak Brownies, Bullet Special Kodak, No. 2-1898, Bull's Eye Kodak, No.2, No.3, Bull's Eye Special Kodak No.2-1898, Dalgiht A,B,C-1892, Eureka No.2-1897, Eureka No.2-1898, Eureka No.4-1892, Kodet, Ordinary Kodak A, B,C-1892, Regular Kodak No.2,3,4-1892, No.4 Cartridge Kodak-1897, No.5 Cartridge Kodak -1898, No.0 Folding Pocket Kodak -1902, No.1 Folding Pocket Kodak-1910, No.1A Folding Pocket Kodak Special-1910, No.3 Folding Pocket Kodak Deluxe, No.3A Folding Pocket Kodak-1910, No.4 ...