#3013 JP Samurai Sword Powerful Mantis Fuchi Kashira

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#3013 JP Samurai Sword Powerful Mantis Fuchi Kashira

Item: Fuchi Kashira set

The Shakudo Fuchi Kashira set is decorated with

Sukidashi-bori carving, Kin-Iroe, on Nanako-ji,

design of Powerful Mantis on Autumn Plants.

Amazing Minute carving,

Great design and Kin-Iroe,

perfect reserved.

Attachment: a wooden box

Condition : very good

Damage : No major damaged ; a little wear and scar

a little chip on the Kashira string hole

Please check up on the following pictures to confirm the item.

Basic Terms of Japanese Antique

Koshirae (ornaments for sword), Daito (long sword), Wakizashi (middle length sword), Tanto (short sword), Mimi (rim), Fukurin (rim cover)

PARTS : Tsuka (hilt), Tsuba (handguard), Saya (scabbard), Fuchi & kashira & Menuki (ornamental metal fittings of a hilt), Tsunagi (wooden blade to display fittings), Kozuka (sword's attachment: a handy knife), Kogai (sword's attachment: portable comb)

Shape (-gata): Mokkogata (four lobed shape), Kakugata (square shape), Kikugata (chrysanthemum shape)

MATERIAL : Shakudo (copper-gold alloy), Suaka (pure copper), Shibuichi (copper-silver(quarter or more) alloy)

SURFACE (-ji): Migakiji (smooth surface), Mokumeji (surface like the grain of wood), Ishimeji (surface like the grain of stone), Tsuchimeji (hammer marks surface), Nanakoji (raised dimpling surface like fish roe)

CARVING (-bori): Takabori (high relief carving), Kebori (fine line carving), Katakiribori (carving with a cross section like "|/"), Katabori (carving with real form), Suemon (embedded carving parts)

OPENWORK (-sukashi) : Sukashi (inlay), Kosukashi (small openwork), Jisukashi (positive design openwork)

COLORING : KinIroe (gold coating/paint), KinMekki/Tokin (gilding), Makie (gold[silver] lacquered painting), Takamakie (raised lacquerwork), Kawarinuri (fancy lacquer)

SIZE : sori (curvature), Nakago-Ana (center cut-out for blade), Nakago: (tang), Nagasa (point of the sword ~ edge notch)

PERIOD : early Edo (17c), mid Edo (18c), late Edo (1800-1867), Meiji (1868-1911), Taisho (1912-25), Showa (1926-88)

Size (cm): Fuchi 3.78x2.30x1.29 Nakago 2.73

Kashira 3.26x1.79x0.84

Weight (g): Fuchi 23 Kashira 11 ( 97 with box )

Age: late Edo

Shipping Cost(EMS)

(with Packing weight)

Asia (exclude-Middle East): US$11.00

North/Central America & Oceania & Mid East: US$15.00

Europe (include-Russia): US$18.00

South America & Africa: US$20.00

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