75-Plus Original Pressbook Still Shots for Theatre Ads-All Serials One Time Only

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All one-or-two newspaper columns wide with exception of the 4-panel newspaper strip from "The Phantom Empire" - That one is 3.5 x 15 inches. Too long to scan fully...and the "Terry and the Pirates" which is 6x6.5 inches.


The New Adventures of Tarzan (Bruce Bennett) - Scouts to the REscue (Frank Coghlan Jr.- Jackie Cooper) - Mystery of the River Boar (Robert Lowery-Marjory Clements) - The Lost Jungle (Clyde Beatty) - The Adventures of Smilin' Jack (Tom Bown) - Adventures of the Flying Cadets (Bobby Jordan - Billy Benedict - Ward Wood - Johnny Downs) - Red Barry (Buster Crabbe- Frances Robinson) - The Green Hornet (Gordon Jones-Walter McGrail) - Flying G-Men (Adrian Booth-The Black Falcon) - Jungle Jim (Betty Jane Rhodes - Grant Withers) - The Great Adv.of Capt. Kidd (Richard Crane-John Crawford) - Junior G-Men (Huntz Hall-Robert Blair) - Don Wilslow of the Navy (Don Terry-John Litel-Anne Nagel-Claire Dodd) - Hawk of the Wilderness (Bruce Bennett- Jill Martin) - The Spider's Web (The Spider-Billy Vincent) - Gang Busters (Kent Taylor-Irene Hervey) - Don Winslow of the Coast Guard (Don Terry-Elyse Knox) - Wild WEst Days (Lynn Gilbert) - Radio Patrol (Kay Hughes-Max Hoffman) - The Fighting Devil Dogs (Bruce Bennett-Edmund Cobb-Lee Powell) - Hawk of the Wilderness (Lane Chandler-Ann Evers) - Gunfighters of the Northwest (Clayton Moore-Jock Mahoney) - The Secret of Treasure Island (Gwen Gaze - Don Terry) - Hi-Yo Silver/The Lone Ranger (Chief Thunder Cloud- The Lone Ranger) - JUngle Menace (FRank Buck) - Mysterious Doctor Satan (Robert Wilcox -Ella Neal) - Spy Smasher (Kane Richmond) -King of the Rocket Men (Tris Coffin) - The Masked Marvel (Tom Steele-William Forrest) - The Mysterious Pilot (Edward Hearn-Bob Steele) - Spy Smasher (Kane Richmond) -Rocket Ship/Flash Gordon ( Jean Rogers - Buster Crabbe) - Overland with Kit Carson (Bill Elliott-Iris Meredith) - Dick Tracy vs. Crime, Inc. (Ralph Byrd) - Captain Video ( Don Harvey - Judd Holdren) - King of the Mounties (Allan Lane) - Terry and the Pirates (Dick Curtis-Joyce Bryant - Sheila Darcy - Victor DeCamp - Allen Jung - William Tracy - Granville Owen/Jeff York) - Rocket Ship (Donald Kerr-Buster CRabbe-Dick Alexander-Frank Shannon) - The Mystery Pilot (The Black Ace - J. Carroll Naish) - The Roaring West (Frank Rice - Buck Jones - Harlan Knight ) -Secret Xgent X-9 (Henry Brandon-Bob Kortman) - G-Men vs. The Black Dragon (Nino Pipitone-Noel Cravat) - The Devil Horse (Harry Carey-Greta Gransted) - SOS Coast Guard (RAlph Byrd-Maxine Doyle) - Drums of Fu Manchu (Henry Brandon - Gloria Franklin) - Mystery Mountain (Bob Kortman- Ken Maynard) - Buck Rogers (Jackie Moran-Buster Crabbe - Tom Steele) - Daredevils of the West (Allan Lane - George J. Lewis0 William Haade) - Perils of the Royal Mounted (Iron Eyes Cody - Robert Kellard) -Tarzan and the Green Goddess (Bruce Bennett-Frank Baker) - Robinson Crusoe of Clipper Island (Mamo Clark - Ray Mala) - Riders of Death Valley (Buck Jones-Dick Foran-Leo Carrillo -Noah Beery Jr. - Big Boy Williams) Jungle Girl (FRances Gifford - Gerald Mohr) - The Adv. of Smilin' Jack ( Ed Colebrook - Marjorie Lord - Edgar Barrier - Rose Hobart - Tom Brown) - Captain Video (Judd Holdren - Larry Stewart - Don Harvey - George Eldredge) - The Secret Code (The Black Commando) - Scouts to the Rescue ( Frank Coghlan Jr. - Vondell Derr - Jackie Cooper) - Adv. of the Flying Cadets (Johnny Downs - Jennifer Holt - Eduardo Ciannelli - Bobby Jordan) - The Mysterios Pilot ( Dorothy Sebastian - Frank Hawks - Frank Lackteen) - Winners of the West ( Dick Foran ) - The Great Alaskan Mystery (Fuzzy Knight - MArjorie Weaver - Milburn Stone ) - The Spider Returns (Warren Hull - Walter mcGrail - Kenne Duncan) - Hawk of the Wilderness ( Noble Johnson - Jill Martin - George Eldredge - P. J.Kelly - Tom Chatterton) -THe Spider's Web(Richard Fiske - Iris Meredith - Warren Hull - Kenne Duncan) - Jungle Menace (Frank Buck - LeRoy Mason) - The News Adv. of Tarzan (AShton Dearholt) - The Secret of Treasure ISland (Don Terry - Gwen Gaze - Hobart Bosworth) - G...