Antique Replica of FBI J.Edgar Hoover Credentials

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NOTE: I have been asked about the legality of my law enforcement memorabilia listings including this one. The applicable law is HR 4827 P.L. 106-547. There are two parts to this law. The first part dealing with real or counterfeit badges, or other Identification materials, makes it illegal to use these items in an unlawful manner, for example impersonating an officer. However the other part of this law specifically allows the possession of real or counterfeit law enforcement and Intelligence Agent badges, identifications and other document if they are use in the following manner: This is detailed as follows as to the use of such items. They are exclude when used: 1. as a momento, or in a collection or exhibit. 2. for decorative purposes, 3 for a dramatic presentation such as a theatre, film or television 4. for any other recreational purposes. Therefore all of my items fall into the lawful category and you can .

Included iin this listing are 4 items.

1. The FederalBureauOfInvestigation J Edgar Hoover credentials as the Director

2. The predecessor the BureauOfInvestigation Credentials of J Edgar Hoover as Director

3. A framable glossy photo of the old style BureauOfInvestigatinBadge with the signature of J. Edgar Hoover underneath

4. A framable glossy printed biography of J. Edgar Hoover describing his many years in law enforcement.

This is printed on both sides so you will get two of these so that both sides may be displayed at the same time.

5. Optional: The govt folio book at the discounted price with the credentials installed when received.

The FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover credentials in this listing and as shown in Picture 1 are a faithful reproduction of his last set of original Credentials, which are now on display at the FBI Museum. Mr. Hoover carried these credentials until his death in 1972 .

In picture 2 is another faithful reproduction of J. Edgar Hoovers credentials when he was Director of the BureauOfInvestigator the predecessor to the FederalBureauOfInvestigation.

These reproduction Hoover credential cards are available two ways. One is just the separate cards ready to be framed at the stated listing price.

The other is installed on the standard government folio book also used at that time and as seen in Picture 5 and 6

This folio book, which is available for either or both sets of Hoover Credentials is an optional item available to purchasers of the Hoover credentials at the discounted price of $38.00. They are sold in other listings at the price of $48.00. If ordered, I will invoice you for the folio book through PayPal at the price of $38.00 each.


Also included in this listing along with the Credentials is a detailed printed biography of J. Edgar Hoover how he started and rose to create the the Bureau and some of the secrets he held of Soviet Ciphers during his lifetime. This is a decorative framable item for collectors to display along with the set of Credentials.

J. Edgar Hoover was the Director of the FBI from March 22, 1935 to May 2, 1972 when he died at the age of 77. As a result of revalations following his death, Directors of the Bureau are now limited to terms of 10 years.

Including Hoovers time with the predecesor of the FBI known as the Bureau Of Investigation Hoover had a 53 year career in law enforcement.

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