Blue Tara Quartz Indicolite Indigo Crystal #7 reiki

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Blue Tara

aka Indigo Quartz

or Blue Quartz Indicolite

(blue tourmaline included)



please realize that the intensity of the blue is caught by the light!!

I haven't done anything to it but the camera reveals her truth!

1 3/4 inches long

1 1/4 inch wide

1 inch thick

extremely rare!

very limited supply!!

Indigo Quartz & Indigo Quartz with Actinolite are extremely rare & are available in limited quantities from a supplier in Bahia, Brazil. Indigo Quartz is blue tourmalinated quartz containing needle-like inclusions of deep blue tourmaline, also known as Indicolite. Use this stone to soothe the soul, calm the mind and relax the body. It gently opens doors to the Divine and your own Higher Self. Indigo Quartz with Actinolite, another deep blue quartz colored with ochre, works intensely & immediately to calm and soothe the mental body, which then relaxes the physical body. Both exhibit incredible healing properties & are very beneficial for use during meditation.

This stone feels as though you are smoothing out all creases, anxieties & tensions VERY quickly, in my experience with these beautiful creatures it is like all of heaven pouring into the body...
Extremely rare, translucent Indigo Quartz contains formations of ochre coloured actinolite.

Very powerful healing energy is generated by this rare Brazilian Indigo Quartz, when used in Reiki sessions it imparts a feeling of profound protection, deep relaxation and reverential quietude to clients seeking healing.
âeoeIt is a phenomenal shielding device and expands the energy bodies,âe says Melody in her metaphysical guidebook to crystals, âeoeLove Is In The Earthâe. âeoeBy focusing the mineral on an unwanted condition, lessening is both facilitated and enhanced.âe
Indigo Quartz stimulates Unity consciousness, facilitating the individualâe(tm)s connection to higher spiritual realms. Indigo Quartz awakens the intuitive faculties, providing a more conscious connection to the wisdom of the Higher Self.
Indigo Quartz facilitates the individualâe(tm)s harmonious interaction with all the elements of the environment, including people, animals and objects.
Indigo Quartz attunes the bearer to the web of life connecting all of humanity, and provides a safe and secure energetic space within which the bearer can feel secure enough to open the heart fully. Indigo Quartz helps to release the fear associated with reaching out to people who are outside our own tribe, religion, class, nationality and racial or ethnic background.
Lightworkers will find that Indigo Quartz facilitates progress along the path of selfless service, enabling the bearer to give in to love and give up all mental considerations and emotional hang-ups serving as barriers along the way.
Crystal healers use Indigo Quartz to activate the throat and third eye charkas, strengthening the individualâe(tm)s ability to apprehend and communicate psychic and spiritual insights. Shamanic practitioners have used tourmaline for millennia to establish contact with spiritual worlds and communicate with ancestral spirits for purposes of divination, guidance and healing.
Actinolite based Indigo Quartz soothes the soul, calms the mind, and relaxes the body. Indigo Quartz strengthens, stimulates and harmonizes the individualâe(tm)s etheric, astral and causal bodies, releasing fears in a comforting energetic space, and providing for deep healing of long-held emotional and mental blockages.
Lightworkers will find that Indigo Quartz facilitates the opening of the heart, and deepens feelings of empathy and compassion while providing a tangible, powerful field of energetic protection to the bearer.
Indigo Quartz is used by crystal healers to treat ailments of lungs, throat, larynx, thymus, thyroid, eyes and brain.
Used in meditation, feel the flow of peace and stillness spread throughout your aura, facilitating the cessation of mental chatter and the complete relaxation of the ...