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From Key West Florida, we are pleased to present...

The Boehm Porcelain Tutankhamun Perfume Box and Cartouche Paperweight
Authentic, certified exact reproductions of Egypt's most famous antiquities

Reasons to invest in this King Tut Boehm Porcelain Perfume Box and Cartouche Paperweight
1. These pieces of art were commissioned and released with permission of the Egyptian Museum of Cairo
2. They carry a stamp of authenticity and is a limited edition release
3. The 24kt gold inlay and hand painting are exquisite!
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And best of all -- There are matching pieces to add to your collection!!!
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Piece: Boehm Porcelain Tutankhamun Perfume Box and Cartouche Paperweight, exact reproduction, limited edition
Material: Ceramic form with 24kt gold overlay; hand painted
Age: Produced for 1976 Treasures of Tutankhamun exibit; 35 years old
Condition : Mint
Dimensions : 7 x 10 x 10 inches (combined, side by side)
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The Story of The King Tut Boehm Porcelain 'Perfume Box' and Cartouche Paperweight

In 1976, to celebrate America's bicenntenial, the Egyptian Government sent an exquisite exhibit of antiquties related to King Tutankhamun. This exhibit featuring the boy king, familiarly known as King Tut, toured seven cities and attracted record numbers—approximately eight million visitors in all.

Information about the original piece : These pieces are exact reproductions of the originals and made by the world-renown Boem and by permission of the Egyptian Museum of Cairo. They are inlayed with 24kt gold and is hand painted to exact standards to re-create the form and appearance of the original.

About the Pictures

Boehm Porcelain Tut Pieces: Picture2 1, 2, 3, 4: Various aspects of the pieces
Boehm Porcelain Tut Pieces: Picture 5: Stamp of Authenticity
Boehm Porcelain Tut Pieces Picture 6: We are selling a collection of four more pieces!

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