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UP FOR THIS NO RESERVE AUCTION IS A VINTAGE (1984~ 1990) BUDWEISER KINGS & QUEENS OF AFRICA COMPLETE (28) POSTER SET. THIS IS A NO RESERVE AUCTION LAST BIDDER WINS! THE THE WINNER WILL RECEIVE A NEW FACTORY SET NEVER OPENED IN ITS ORIGINAL BOX JUST AS THEY WERE SHIPPED DIRECT FROM ANHEUSER- BUSCH INC. BUDWEISER . THIS IS A AWESOME (28) POSTER SET. EACH POSTER MEASURES A LARGE 20 INCHES LONG X 12 1/2 INCHES HIGH ALL 28 POSTERS ARE PRINTED ON HEAVY WEIGHT MATTE FINISH POSTER PAPER MADE FOR FRAMING.TAKE INTO MIND THESE POSTER SETS ARE BOXED IN SEALED FACTORY FLAT POSTER BOXES THESE SETS WERE NEVER ROLLED IN TUBES, SO YOU GET A PERFECT SET! GREAT FOR GIFTS , GREAT ART FOR YOUR HOME OR OFFICE, GREAT FOR ART DEALERS, REC ROOMS, NIGHTCLUBS, TEACHING OR JUST LEARNING ABOUT THE GREAT AFRICAN KINGS & QUEENS. THE 28 POSTER SET INCLUDES 1.AFFONSO I ~ KING OF THE KONGO (1506~1540) 2. ASKIA MUHAMMED JOURE~ KING OF SONGHAY (1493~1529) 3. MANSA KANKAN MUSSA~ KING OF MALI (1312~1337) 4. SHAKA~ KING OF THE ZULUS (1818~1828) 5. MENELEK II ~ KING OF KINGS OF ABYSSINIA (1844~1913) 6. HANNIBAL~ RULER OF CARTHAGE ( 247~ 183 b.c. ) 7. AKHENATON~ PHARAOH OF EGYPT (1375~1358 b.c. ) 8. JAHARQA*~ KING OF NUBIA (1710~ 664 b.c. ) 9. OSEI TUTU~ KING OF ASANTE (1680~1717) 10. SUNNI ALI BER~ KING OF SONGHAY (1464~1492) 11. MOSHOESHOE~ KING OF BASUTOLAND (1815~1868) 12. IDRIS ALOOMA~ SULTAN OF BORNU (1580~1617) 13. KHAMA~ THE GOOD KING OF BECHUANALAND (1819~1923) 14. SHAMBA BOLONGONGO~ AFRICAN KING OF PEACE (1600~1620) 15. SAMORY JOURE~ " THE BLACK NAPOLEON OF THE SUDAN " (1830~1900) 16. BEHANZIN HOSSU BOWELLE~ " THE KING SHARK" (1841~1906) 17. NZINGHA~ AMAZON QUEEN OF MATAMBA,WEST AFRICA (1582~1663) 18. CLEOPATRA~ OUEEN OF EGYPT (69~30 b.c.) 19. MAKEDA~" THE OUEEN OF SHEBA"( 960 b.c.) 20. HATSHEPSUT~ THE ABLEST OUEEN OF FAR ANTIQUITY. 21. OUEEN AMINA OF ZARIA . 22. TIYE~ THE NUBIAN QUEEN EGYPT (ca. 1415~1340 b.c.) 23. NEFERTARI, NUBIAN QUEEN OF EGYPT (1292~1225 b.c. ) 24. THUTMOSE III, PHARAOH OF EGYPT,( 1504~ 1450 b.c.) 25. NANDI : QUEEN OF ZULULAND, (1778~ 1826 A.D.) 26. TENKAMENIN, KING OF GHANA, (1037~1075 A.D. ) 27. JA JA : KING OF THE OPOBO, (1821~1891) 28. NEHANDA OF ZIMBABWE . PLEASE CHECK OUR OTHER AUCTIONS FOR MORE GREAT DEALS THANKS FOR LOOKING! African-Americans have influenced global culture through rich traditions, a strong vision for the future and boundless creativity. Anheuser-Busch understands and appreciates the importance of the African-Americans community's artistic and cultural contributions, which is why we seek ways to promote and preserve the work and legacy of historical and modern-day cultural icons and artists. Since 1975, for example, the Budweiser Great Kings and Queens of Africa program—a series of 28 paintings featuring historical African kings and queens—has advanced cultural pride and awareness while providing African-American artists the opportunity to share their talents with the world..

Through the Great Kings and Queens program, presented by Anheuser-Busch Companies, many generations have come to learn about the achievements of legendary leaders such as Nefertan, Shamba Bolongongo, Hannibal and many others. Each portrait in the series is the work of a talented African-America artist.

commissioned portraits from the Great Kings and Queens of Africa program.

When Sunni Ali Ber came to power, Songhay was a small kingdom in the western Sudan. But during his twenty-eight-year reign, it grew into the largest, most powerful empire in West Africa. Sunni Ali ruled from horseback, leading his country while leading his army. He built a remarkable army - not farmers hastily pressed into service, but full-time, professional soldiers, including a horse and camel cavalry with men in armor.

With this ferocious force, the warrior king won battle after battle. He routed marauding nomads, seized trade routes, took villages, and expanded, ever expanded, his domain. He captured Timbuktu, bringing into the Songhay empire a major center of commerce, culture, and Moslem scholarship. He conquered the city of Jenne,...